Kaido’s 3 Disasters: JACK, QUEEN, KING


As the title implies, this theory is about the possible identities and abilities of the 3 Disasters/Calamities of Kaido.

I believe the 3 calamities of Kaido are based on the 3 great primordial beats of Jewish mythology: Behemoth the primordial monster of land, Leviathan the primordial monster of sea and Ziz the primordial monster of sky.


There’s also an existing theory that Kaido’s crew is following a card theme with the 3 calamities being the 3 face cards; JackQueen, and King.

Which i believe are titles or alias of the 3 Calamities, just like Doflamingo’s “Joker“. To put more details on this, let’s talk about them one by one.

JACK – Calamity of the Drought (Behemoth)


Behemoth has many depictions: hippopotamus, rhinoceros, water buffalo. It is also depicted as an elephant which perfectly match Jack’s devil fruit, Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth.


Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth is an Ancient Zoan devil fruit that allows Jack to transform into a mammoth, granting him immense size and strength. I believe this is the reason why he is called “Calamity of the Drought“. He uses his strength and size to completely destroy a town leaving them in a drought-like situation. There is also a theory that Jack is using his trunk to suck the moisture in the environment causing a drought.

Let’s go now to my theory about the other 2 Calamities of Kaido.  Since Jack’s “Drought” Calamity I believe is a calamity of land, i think the other 2 will have the Calamities of “Storm” and “Flood” that represents air and water.

KING – Calamity of the Storm (Ziz)

In Jewish mythology, Ziz is depicted as a giant griffin-like bird. A Griffin is a legendary creature which body is a combination of lion and eagle.The lion and eagle was traditionally considered as the king of the beast and king of the bird, making the griffin to be known as king of all creatures which is perfect to be the basis of King Calamity.

Identity and Abilities

I think the King Calamity is a Lion Mink with a zoan devil fruit based on eagle or Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Eagle

I. Electro – We all know that minks are capable of producing electro which i believe the strength may differ depending on who’s using it.

Look at how strong the electro that Wanda produced. Just imagine how stronger it could have if one of the Calamities used it.

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Eagle – I think one of its ability is to create a strong wind using its wings. Of course the strength of the attack may also vary depending on who’s using. I believe if one the calamities used this attack, it could create a small cyclone. So by combining his devil fruit ability to produce cyclone with his electro, he can create a storm-like phenomenon.

II. I know lots of you want him to have an ancient or mythical zoan devil fruit, but I think a Lion Mink with an eagle devil fruit is just right. Speaking of lion and eagle, do yo guys know that Nekomamushi and Inuarashi has a 2 animal naming scheme? That’s right, Nekomamushi means “Cat Viper” while Inuarashi means “Dog Porcupine”. This gave me an idea about the possible name of King Calamity. Since Ziz is a Griffin and Griffin is a combination of lion and eagle, I think his name will be “Lion Eagle” or in Japanese “Raionwashi” which surprisingly rhymes to Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. Wait there’s more, in Japanese “Rai” means thunder and surprisingly Ziz is also known as Thunderbird. Another thing, as of now Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, the 2 rulers of the minks, are the only minks that we know that have a 2 animal naming scheme, so if King Calamity also has a 2 animal naming scheme that means he was also a ruler of the Mink Tribe. Yup, i think he was the former ruler of Mokomo Dukedom before Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. If Nekomamushi has the title of “Master”, Inuarashi has the title of “Duke” what would be the title of Raionwashi? Well of course it’s “King“.

QUEEN –  Calamity of the Flood (Leviathan)

Leviathan has become synonymous to any large sea monster or creature. It is often depicted as a sea serpent and a large fish monster.

Identity and Abilities

I think the Queen Calamity is a giant Fishman with no devil fruit.

I. We all know that Fishman are capable of manipulating water, grabbing it with their hans as if it is something solid and launching water-projectile attacks. This ability is called Fishman Karate to the Fishmen like Jinbe and Merman Combat to the merfolk like King Neptune.

In this picture, King Neptune is shown using a merman combat ability known as “Ultramarine” creating an extremely large torrent blasting away his enemies. Of course the strength of this ability may also vary depending on who’s using and i think it can also be used in a lot of different ways. So I believe the Queen Calamity is capable of using the Merman Combat ability. One of her possible attack is manipulating the sea water to create a tsunami-like wave capable of flooding an entire town.

II. As i said, i believe that Queen Calamity is a giant fishman and in the Fishman Island there are 3 known giants, Wadatsumi, King Neptune and Shirahoshi. I think it is possible that she is a relative of either one of them. Well I think it’s better to choose King Neptune and Shirahoshi. Yup, I think Queen Calamity is part of Neptune’s family. And I think she is King Neptune’s sister just to match Raionwashi’s age. I want her name to be “Salacia“. Salacia is the goddess of sea water and the wife of Neptune in Roman mythology.

Now, since Kaido’s crew has a beast or animal theme, i really think that he will have Minks and Fishmen in his crew.

*Theory by jinz

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