Kaido’s Beasts Pirates Ranks/Hierarchy


Similar with the Big Mom Pirates, the Beasts Pirates’ hierarchy includes the captain (or admiral), executive officers, normal officers, and grunts. Kaido, as the Governor-General, has full control over the crew.


There are those in the Beasts Pirates with the position known as All-Stars. They are the executive officers and strongest warriors of the crew, having the highest rank, authority, strength, reverence, and fighting prowess, second only to Kaido himself.

Although the total number of All-Stars is currently unconfirmed, the three men known to hold this rank serve as Kaido’s right-hand men and are colloquially known as the Disasters. This trio consists of Jack, Queen, and King. Jack has a bounty of 1,000,000,000 Berries and Queen has a higher bounty of 1,320,000,000 Berries. King is supposed to have an even higher Bounty.


Then the Beasts Pirates have Headliners. The strength of the Headliners seems to vary from individual to individual and depends on whom they are fighting. Sheepshead was easily blocked by Brook and taken out by a single strike from Sanji, and Dobon was easily defeated by Eustass Kid and Luffy despite the latter two wearing Seastone shackles. But Basil Hawkins fought Roronoa Zoro and Luffy simultaneously on equal ground and easily clashed with Trafalgar Law.


The strongest among the Headliners are known as the Flying Six. The only 2 known members are X Drake and Page One.

The Headliners and the Flying Six are the ones who lead the Gifters, Pleasures, and Waiters.

The Gifters are the crew’s elite soldiers, consisting of Artificial Devil Fruit users. They were created through the use of SMILEs, which gives them the ability to transform some parts of their body, such as their arms or ears, into different parts of an animal’s body, even some animals that live in the ocean.

The Pleasures are the crew’s mid-level foot soldiers, only above the Waiters. They are the ones who failed to gain any animal traits after eating a SMILE fruit, being in the 90% who ate the dud fruits.

The Waiters are the crew’s low-level foot soldiers who have yet to eat the artificial Devil Fruits. None of them have notable strength or willpower.

Finally we cannot forget the Numbers, a group of mysterious giant-esque beings. Their exact role in or connection to the Beasts Pirates has yet to be cemented, whether they are members in the crew or just allies, but it can be inferred that they reside in Onigashima. They seem to be well-known and feared by the citizens of Hakumai. While they have yet to be seen in full, at least some of them appear to wield kanabo similar to that of Kaido and cast demon-like silhouettes with horns, not unusual to Kaido’s subordinates. According to Queen, they all have drinking problems.


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