Kaido’s Devil Fruit Abilities


I’m here with a theory about one of OP’s most hyped characters and “World’s Strongest Creature” Kaido and his DF powers.. Now I know many people believe Kaido have a Dragon zoan because of his impenetrable body, looks and fu machu moustache.


But that’s only because his character is based on a mongolian theme. After all, Kaido does resemble a Mongol warrior, and he share’s a name similar to a famous Mongol ruler. He and his commanders are ruthless,cruel,slaughter loving just for the feel of it and have an overwhelming urge for war with no negotiation and so were mongolians.
“ Speak… peacefully? I refuse. 
— Jack to Monjii about holding a civil discussion with Inuarashi

I think Kaido’s character is based upon the most famous and ruthless mongol leader Genghis Khan. Just like Kaido, Genghis Khan had the fu manchu mustache. They also have dark hair, and both represent extremely strong warriors. Did you know that Genghis Khan had a great-grandson named Kaidu?

Now, let’s start the discussion about his DF powers.. I believe that Kaido has a Mythical “Rakshasa” zoan or Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Rakshasa. A Rakshasa (Sanskrit: राक्षस, rākṣasa) is a mythological being in Hindu mythology, a type of demon. This mythology influenced other religions, such as Buddhism.

Rakshasas were most often depicted as fierce-looking and humongous creatures with matted hair and beards and horn atop their heads, infact just like Kaidou.


(Khara his brother Dushana were man-eating Rakshasa (A kind of Indian demon) from the Indian epic Ramayana.)

The word Rakshasa itself literally means “destroyer” or “injurer” in the Indian language. A Rakshasa’s attack will devastate countries and destroy entire communities, most often in a single night.The Rakshasa possesses a supernatural degree of strength, able to tear a man apart with ease. Most importantly it’s also a shapeshifter and have the power to change their shape at will and appear as any animal. I’m of the opinion that Yonko’s epithet “Kaidou of the 1000 beasts” is probably based upon his ability to change into any beast at will.

Now, as I said above that the Yonko’s character is based upon Genghis Khan, and the ruler himself has been called a Rakshasa by many authors, K.Benett in his book ‘The Year Of Eating Dangerously’ writes-
Being a Rakshasa requires something more than normal, everyday evil. You have to be like a Genghis Khan.”

Another of my reasons to theorize that the Yonko possess this particular DF is that, just like Kaido many of the Rakshasa’s had an impenetrable skin which acted as an armor, for Ex. Vritra a demon possessed the hide invulnerable to any known ‘Astra’ ( a weapon which is used by releasing from one’s hand or machine) or ‘Shastra’ ( a weapon which is used by keeping it in hand.)

So, that’s’s all. These are my reasons for believeing that Kaido ate the Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Rakshasa. Thank you for reading.

*Theory by Vlad D. Implaer

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