Kaido has a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit that is based off of the King of Beasts/Monsters Typhon.

Now before you immediately dismiss this theory I highly recommend your reserve judgement until the end, also my posts tend to be wishy-washy but I’ll try to makee it as clear as I possibly can. With that out of the way lets get into it!

Now I believe that Kaido’s calamities are all Ancient Zoans and that he is the only Mythical Zoan in his crew, which served as the basis for my theory. I think that Mythical Zoan’s are the rarest Zoan type Devil Fruits, followed by Ancient Zoan’s, and that they are more powerful since Marco was practically a Logia – well not really since he was has a Zoan DF, but physical object like bullets would go straight through him.

So, which Mythical Zoan do I think Kaido has? Well I think he has a Beast Beast Fruit, Model Typhon. No, that’s not a typo, I didn’t mean typhoon, I meant Typhon. What is a Typhon? Well before i get into that I just want to say this.
1. Kaido has 3 calamities.
2. Kaido, as you already know, has a crew of only Zoans.
3. Kaido has the temperament of a child
4. Kaido is “immortal”
I’d like for you to keep these 4 points in your mind.

Well, what is a Typhon, or should i say what is the Typhon? The Tyhon, according to greek mythology, is the love child of Gaea (pronounced Guy-a) and Tartarus.

Gaea was a primal Greek goddess, one of the deities that governed the universe before the Titans. She symbolised the Earth, and was the mother of everything. Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. So the son of the Heavens/Earth (since in greek mythology both were intertwined) and Hell. (directly from Wikipedia)

“Typhon was so strong and powerful that all gods ran in terror, except the mighty Zeus.”

That’s a direct quote and according to Greek mythology Typhon was actually stronger than Zeus. The only reason Zeus beat him was because Zeus was a seasoned warrior who defeated Kronos, and Typhon acted like a child and had no battle strategy which is why he lost. He charged Zeus like a crazed bull, but he was not killed. He could not be killed and was locked away in the deepest parts of Tartarus. Typhon is immortal and despite being sealed off he still torments humanity by creating earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities.

Typhon is called the king of beasts beacuse, with his queen “Echidna” bore fruit to all other beasts like the Cerberus, Sphinx, Gorgon, Hydra, etc. This kind of falls in line with why Kaido would want an entire crew of just beasts and why he is considered the king of beasts. The Shogun of Wano could be female.

So let’s talk about what Typhon looked like and his abilities – we said he’s immortal like Kaido, he was childish like Kaido, he creates calamities to torment humans which is physically personified by Kaidos 4 calamities, and that he is the king of beasts like Kaido. So Typhon looked like a human except he was huge. He was wings that could block the sun, 2 serpents for tails, long hair made of fire and dragons for arms. Well Kaido is huge, he has long hair, he has a dragon tattoo on his arm and that’s just his human form. Now of course it would look weird to have Kaido look exactly like Typhon but Oda could make it work. The fire aspect could be similiar to how Marco’s Pheonix form is Logia like, well Kaido’s Typhon form could be made out of fire – which makes a lot of sense since in Momo’s flashback Kaido was surrounded by red flames


I hope you understood my point. There are a lot of similarities between Typhon and Kaido and I thought I’d get it out there. I hope you liked this theory!

*Theory by Ora Ora Crusader

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