Kaido’s First Mate – Possible Devil Fruit and Opponent


In the upcoming war against Kaido we will obviously be introduced to Kaido’s most powerful subordinates dubbed “The Calamities”.


Many have speculated that the names of the other calamities will fit in line with “Jack” and will be named “Queen” and “King”. I believe this to be true as it falls in line with most of the named Beast Pirates so far being named after card games and Doflamingo’s alias being Joker as he was a major ally of Kaido’s.

For my theory I specifically want to talk about King, the presumed first mate/commander of Kaido and what his powers are. Kaido’s crew is called the Beast Pirates as it takes from Kaido’s moniker “The Beast” and it also refers to his crew being made up of mostly Zoan type devil fruit eaters. We saw this with the smiles back on Punk Hazard and Dressrosa and with Jack himself in Zou. I believe that the Calamities will each have one of the three special types of Zoan. There is the Ancient Zoan wich we saw with Jack, the Carnivorous Zoan who I think will be Queen, and then finally the first mate, King, who will be a Mythical Zoan Dragon.

Because King is the first mate of Kaido he would naturally parallel the other first mates of the rest of the Yonko, however specifically I believe he will parallel Marco the Phoenix. In Taoism the phoenix’s natural opposite is the dragon. The phoenix represents yin while the dragon is yang.


Whitebeard has most likely clashed with Kaido on multiple occasions and Marco will specifically be coming back for the War against Kaido (even if for now Marco decided to remain in Whitebeard’s homeland to protect it because of the possibility that Weevil would attack the village), so I think that his significance will go beyond being a strong ally. That is why during Wano, Marco the Phoenix will fight King the Dragon to settle a long standing rivalry. Blue Flames of Healing vs Red Flames of Destruction.

What do you guys think?

*Theory by Mcfallen_5

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