Kaido’s King Calamity – The Lion Mink


Hey guys, I’m back again with another theory and this time I’m gonna talk about Kaido’s King Calamity.

King Calamity, The Lion Mink


So first I’m gonna give you a quick summary of my previous theory. I mentioned in that theory that the 3 Calamities of Kaido are inspired by the 3 primordial creatures of Jewish mythology which are:

Behemoth – primordial monster of the land
Leviathan – primordial monster of the sea
Ziz – primordial monster of the sky

These 3 creatures represents the landsea and sky which fits the theme of Kaido who’s known to be the strongest creature in land, sea and sky.


I also mentioned in that theory that the 3 Calamities of Kaido have the calamities of DroughtFlood and Storm. So the conclusion I reached about King Calamity is that he is a Lion Mink with an Eagle zoan devil fruit which is inspired by primordial creature of the sky, Ziz and is the Calamity of Storm.


How did I get that conclusion?

As I said King Calamity is inspired by Ziz, Ziz is depicted as a Griffin, Griffin is depicted as a half lion and half eagle, lion is known to be the king of the jungle while eagle is known to be the king of birds. I thought about a mink because minks has electro that if strong enough and combined to the power of a flying zoan can cause a storm-like phenomenon.

Now for the main theory, I’m gonna talk about another 2 possible inspirations for King Calamity since we all know that Oda likes to combine different kinds of inspirations like mythologies and fairy tales. These 2 are from a Japanese mythology and a Disney animated film.

The Story of Sun, Moon and Storm in Japanese Mythology

In Japanese mythology, Sun and Moon were created when Izanagi was purifying himself after entering Yomi, the Underworld. Amaterasu (the incarnation of the sun) was born when Izanagi washed out his left eye. Tsukuyomi (the incarnation of the moon) was born when Izanagi washed out his right eye.

Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun and Tsukoyomi, the god moon, originally shared the sky together until Tsukoyomi angered Amaterasu after killing the goddess of food, Uke Mochi. Amaterasu was so angry that she refused to ever look at Tsukuyomi again, forever separating the night from day.

Doesn’t this story reminds you of something?

Well guys, I think it is the inspiration for the story of Nekomamushi and Inuarashi.

Remember during Zou arc, it was mentioned that they were close friends. But sometime after returning from their voyage, something happened that they began hating each other to the point that they don’t want to see each other again. Then they decided to just divide the ruling in Mokomo Dukedom. Nekomamushi would rule in the night and Inuarashi would rule in the day.

So where am I going with these?

Well, if you don’t know, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi have another brother named Susanoo. So if Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are inspired by Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, who would be inspired by Susanoo? That I believe is King Calamity. I mentioned in my previous theory that King Calamity is a mink that has the calamity of storm and Susanoo is known to be the god of storm.

In Japanese mythology, Susanoo had a feud against Amaterasu which made them to fight each other. I think King Calamity’s story will be kinda similar. I think something happened between him and the minks that made him to leave and betray them.

Now, what could it be? Well I think it’s because he wanted to become the ruler of Mokomo Dukedom but wasn’t chosen by the former ruler.

Wait a lion that wanted to become a ruler and betrayed his kingdom? Doesn’t this also sound familiar? That’s right, I believe King Calamity is also inspired by Scar in the story Lion King.

In the story Lion King: A Tale of Two Brothers, it was mentioned that Scar (the main antagonist) got upset because his brother Mufasa was chosen by their father to become the King over himself which made Scar to attack Mufasa and betray his kingdom.

I think King Calamity’s story is also the same, I think he is the son of the former ruler of Mokomo Dukedom but wasn’t got chosen to become the next ruler. Instead the former ruler asked Nekomamushi and Inuarashi who were at that time traveling with Oden, to come back to Mokomo Dukedom and from them he will choose the next ruler. But I believe before Nekomamushi and Inuarashi arrive in Mokomo Dukedom, the former ruler got killed by King Calamity. After that King left Zou, then Nekomamushi and Inuarashi arrived and because the former ruler already died, they can’t decide who will rule the mink tribe which caused the feud between Nekomamushi and Inuarashi and made them to fight each other. In the end, they decided to both rule the Mokomo Dukedom. Nekomamushi became the ruler of night and Inuarashi became the ruler of day.

Possible connections of Mokomo Dukedom to the story Lion King:

In the story, Lion King there’s a huge tree called Tree of Life which kinda reminds me of Whale Tree in Mokomo Dukedom

It says that the Tree of Life in Lion King was inspired by the Baobab tree in Africa. The Whale Tree also kinda looks like a Baobab tree.

Also the setting of the Lion King is inspired by Africa which major problem is drought. The attack of Jack the Drought to Mokomo Dukedom could be a reference to that.

*Theory by jinz


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