Kaido’s Monstrously Powerful Weapon


Kaido wields a giant metal kanabō covered in spikes as his weapon of choice.


Using it in conjunction with his immense physical strength, he was able to knock Luffy unconscious with a single blow, breaking past the immense defensive power of Luffy’s Busoshoku Haki-enhanced Gear Fourth form.

It seems like Kaido’s club is something special. So powerful that even his subordinates talk about it.


When Kaido first appeared, he didn’t seem to have any weapon or his club with him.


Even after he shrinked there was no sign of his club.

After Luffy hit him with his King Organ and made Kaido fall, Kaido stood up with his club in his hand out of nowhere.

Also in the photos you can clearly see, after Kaido shrinks to his human form, Oda draws Kaido carefully, hiding his right arm and not showing it until he stands up with his club in his hand. He didn’t had his club in his dragon form but had it in his right arm after he shrinked and transformed to his human form??

The same happened during the fight between Kaido and Oden.

This reminded me of when Big Mom and Prometheus got harmonized and in simple words became one.

I also remembered when Big Mom told Kaido that he is hugely indebted to her. What could this huge debt be?? Something that Kaido couldn’t repay, something not about money or territory or this simple stuff that Kaido could have repayed any time.

Basically my theory is that when Kaido and Linlin where getting along in their old days, Kaido asked her to make his club a Homie or create a Homie with club shape for him out of his soul and Big Mom did it as a huge favor.

It could all make sense why Kaido’s club is always near him and how it appeared near him after he shrinked and why the subordinates reacted to his club as something special. Probably Kaido has learned how to harmonize his club with his dragon form just like Big Mom. Or the better theory is that his club is made from his dragon form so when shrinks to his human form his club appears.

*Theory by strawhatkatakuri

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