Kaido’s Motivations, Secrets and Unparalleled Ramifications with other Characters!


4) Yamato and Onis

This is honestly a toss up and we could see a lot of segments pertinent to this through Yamato, especially her since there’s a good chance she joins the crew.


Points 3 and 4 are more or less concerned with Kaido’s character arc but they can also give us glimpses towards other important characters/events in the story too.

Kaido and his like (Yamato and Black Maria) haven’t been a thing for majority in the series, so their horn resemblance to the ancient giants can only fascinate you. I’ll try addressing a few questions here:

  • Oda was being a sly bastard by not showing us Onigashima even once throughout Oden’s flashback. Why is that? And why does Marco say that it had a different name before?
  • Does changing Wano’s name to new Onigashima hold some personal significance to Kaido keeping everything I explained in my post in the back of our minds?
  • Why did Kaido take the failed ancient giants from Punk Hazard for himself and why are they all drunkards like him? Will they be taken to Vegapunk for treatment?
  • Interesting to just think back towards the continent puller theory again.
  • Was Kaido discriminated for being an oni by humans? Are onis a product of the World Government’s experimentation with Kaido being a freak accident of sorts (god like durability)?

I don’t want to probe deep into Yamato since this has a lot of potential and would take up a lot, I’ll keep it short:

  • Who was Yamato’s mom and what was her relation to Kaido? Mothers/wives are usually at the emotional core of a character’s flashback and I don’t think it’ll be any different in Kaido/Yamato’s case.
  • Does Kaido show contempt towards Yamato for impersonating Oden because he once thought he was Joy Boy too?
  • How will the resolution to Kaido’s own character arc affect Yamato’s “I’m Oden” shenanigans?

There’s a lot more which can be added here but I’ll restrict it to this for now.

5) Miscellaneous (Rocks, Kozuki Clan and Dragons)

Here I’ll share some of the more tinfoily ideas which might be applicable to Kaido’s throwaway (or important) lines and some other important stuff too.

  • Xebec is the biggest X – factor here (huh). Oda can ditch him for now if he’s been saved for Blackbeard and Shanks later in the story or could be central to it, being a mentor like figure to Kaido and responsible for the individual he is today.
  • So I’m not too sure how pivotal Xebec is to Kaido but I do know that we have to definitely see how Kaido got his fruit from Big Mom during the God Valley incident. Oda might depict all of it as a blur to highlight Kaido here (and hide others) or go neck deep with everything Xebec related which would only make the ramifications of Kaido’s past all the more important to the story which I prefaced this post with.

Kozuki clan

This is just a keen observation on my part. While Kaido has mentioned that he didn’t care about the Kozuki or Kurozumi clan once he established new Onigashima over the capital, He has begrudgingly referenced the Kozuki clan more often than not and in a tone which makes it feel more than just his enmity with Oden.

It paints a picture making it seem like it’s not just Joy Boy but the Kozuki’s past actions which are responsible for Kaido’s actions here. Perhaps due to his racial motivations or has a prophetical element like Joy Boy’s arrival to it.


This is more or less just baseless fluff but I’ll still include it here because why not?

  • Did actual dragons used exist in the story because Ryuma had slain one?
  • Why can there be only one Dragon Kaido? Are they meant to carry out a task for some of its ancestors on a promised time too?
  • Why did the Celestial “Dragons” take a liking to the dragons from Punk Hazard? Why is the WG trying to make more of them? Why is Luffy’s dad named “Dragon”? Is there meant to be irony in all of this?
  • Are dragons meant to serve a much bigger purpose in the story which involves the final war?

*Theory by gyrozepp2

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Kaido’s Motivations, Secrets and Unparalleled Ramifications with other Characters!