Kaido’s Son – The WHITE TIGER Devil Fruit


As recently revealed, Kaido has a son. It is unknown what they think of each other, but a drunk Kaido wanted his son to be involved in the Fire Festival feast that he and his crew were partaking in.

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Since the top tiers of the Beasts Pirates are all zoan devil fruit users, I was reflecting on what could be the zoan-type devil fruit possessed by Kaido’s son.


My idea is that Kaido’s son ate the mythical zoan-type devil fruit Neko Neko no Mi, Model: White Tiger.


The white tiger controls winds and is equal to the dragon so Kaido’s son probably is very strong.

It was said that the white tiger would only appear when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue, in this case Luffy could be the virtuous emperor arrived in Wano.

This means Kaido’s son will probably be an ally.

What do you think?

*by joaovitor999

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