There is a lot of hype now over Gear 4: Snake Man!


But I want to remind you of the fight between Doffy and Luffy, when Luffy first unleashed G4 it was very powerful, but Doffy still won the first fight and Luffy had to hide until he regains his Haki.

Even in the second fight, Doffy unleashed his Awakening, he was in the prime of his powers. And Luffy won by a hair’s breadth with the final blow.

It is worth mentioning that Luffy, because as Mihawk said: “Has the most terrifying power in all the seas, which is the power to make allies”, had to rely on his friends powers when he was weak and regaining his Haki:
– Sabo protected him from Burgess. And similarly, Sanji who has fire powers similar to Sabo, is heading to fight Oven, Snack and the rest of the Charlotte Family who await to ambush Luffy.
– The Colosseum announcer and the Bull Mo, took Luffy and escaped Doffy.
– Zoro and the others delayed the bird cage, until it was too close to shredding them.
– Mansherry used her power to give people some strength and hope .. they lost that strength after a few minutes though.
– Law swapped Luffy, sending him close to Doffy to protect Rebecca, when Luffy was hiding far away.

In short, it was a collaborative effort, and even though after all this effort, Luffy won by a hair’s breadth. If he would run out of Haki again, when all the others were out of strength too, it would have been the End.

I think Luffy’s Snake Man will weaken Katakuri (and himself, since he will run out of Haki too) to a state where they both have almost no strength left.


They will both lay on the ground exhausted, even though if anyone could throw a single blow at the other he will knock him out, they both won’t have any strength left.

Now it will be almost 1 am. Luffy struggles to stand up. He must go the meeting point because he believes his friends are there. He will find Sanji fighting an Army alone. That’s how Sanji is trying to pay for what he did to Luffy. Sanji is not the guy to say: “Well I kicked my captain and almost killed him from starvation, but they forgave me, so I will stay here safely on the ship and wait Luffy to come”! He is a Man and Badass, and will have to do something great for Luffy as repayment.


Sanji will be at his limit too, but he will do some serious damage to the enemies, and might even manage to steal the mirror or move it away from the forces somehow.

Now to the real Theory ! We will first mention two unrelated facts we have seen in Whole Cake Island arc, and then see how they are related:

1- Katakuri’s Weakness is Water.

Katakuri’s FIRST attack vs Luffy was by immobilizing him with his Mochi. But Jinbe was there to tell Luffy to use water. Notice how Jinbe said it, he did not say “But he is weak against water”, he said “If you have got some water around, you can get out of it”. It is as if Jinbe is telling Luffy -in a totally mysterious and foreshadowed tone :D-: “You will fight Katakuri sometime, so try to prepare with bringing some water”.

2- There is no water in the Mirror World, or is there??

Think about it. If you have a 1 Million (aka Valuable :D) Beri Mirror for some reason, and Lord Oven ordered you to throw it out in the Water, how could you be sure it won’t hit the ocean floor and break when you throw it ? How could you be so sure that tomorrow the waves won’t have moved it away from where you dropped it?
The answer is: You tie it with a rope, put it slowly in the water and use the rope to make it descend slowly. Then you tie the rope to a nearby rock, and in the next day you pick it up again using the rope.
Better than throwing it like that stupid Oven said, Ha?

It is worth noting that this Mirror, since it is tied to Cacao Island, will still be a Cacao Island mirror.

Didn’t it feel a bit weird for Oda to mention the sunken mirrors twice ? Once in chapter 892 (above) and once in chapter 894:

Why would the residents even have valuable mirrors ?
Why would even think up a solution ? Oven could have just told them to break them and we will compensate your mirror value and pay it to you later.
Oda could have totally ignored this fact all together and just broke the mirrors. I am sure it has a purpose.

So, how are these two points related ? Back to Luffy and Katakuri exhausted from fighting, lying on the ground:
Luffy’s friend-sense will trigger, giving him some power to overcome his weakened state and stand up to meet his friends. He will call: “Which mirror leads to Cacao Island ?” Many mirrors will reply “Me! .. Me!”, some of them are actually underwater (he won’t know until he goes closer to them)

Katakuri will manage to get a LAST attack on Luffy, using Mochi to immobilize him (similar to what happened to the tea party). He will tell Luffy: “Our fight did not end, and you are staying here with me”. Luffy see ca chance to both Finish the fight, AND Go to his rendezvous, and he will use it perfectly:

He will grab Brulee (while he is immobilized by Katakuri, but his hands are free), he will put her on the edge of an underwater mirror (Katakuri is far away and doesn’t know about the underwater mirror, but Luffy knows now because he is closer to the mirror and can see where it leads to), and Woooooosh, the Ocean water will flood in the mirror world. Even though Luffy will jump away (taking Brulee with him, because she is the key to getting out), the flooding Sea Water will be enough to remove Katakuri’s Mochi away from Luffy, and also to weaken Katakuri (it won’t be enough to make Katakuri drawn, since the Mirror World is huge and it is hard to fill it with water in such short amount of time).

Luffy might have some splatters of water, and Brulee will be a bit weakened, but she will not go unconscious. So it will still be possible for them to move and go out of the mirrors.

Remember that beautiful sparking mirror Oven picked up to set up his ambush ? Luffy will run towards it, since it will look big and special, and also the rest of the Cacao mirror’s will be filled with Water. So Luffy will think: “Maybe this beautiful special mirror is different”. He will get out that way and meet with Sanji.

So to sum it up: Luffy’s fight will not be won just by unlocking a new gear, it will be won by a hair’s breadth (like Doffy’s fight) + Luffy’s Luck (finding about underwater mirrors) + And the endurance of his allies until the last moment.

I think the chapter 895 will about SnakeMan
-> Chapter 896 will be both Katakuri and Luffy tired out, while the situation outside gets worse and worse (similar to what happened in Dressrosa)
-> Chapter 897 will be Luffy’s escape by hair’s breadth and meeting up with Sanji and Jinbe (Sunny team will have arrived, but barely holding up .. Smoothie is super smart and will not give up easily .. she will give them a hard time until the end).

*Theory by Zoro.Senpai

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