King vs Zoro is developing exactly like Mr. 1 vs Zoro!


The fight between Zoro and King continues in Chapter 1033. I noticed this fight has really cool parallels and inversions to Zoro vs Mr. 1 fight.


In both fights, Zoro must find a way to hurt his seemingly invulnerable opponent- only this time, he does not have a clear direction on how to hurt King, unlike Mr. 1, where he knew he needed to cut steel.

Mr. 1 tells Zoro that there’s no one else like him, and while that’s true since devil fruits are unique, it is literally true for King since he is the last Lunarian (as far as we know).


Zoro actually uses 3 of the same named attacks on both opponents, only upgraded on King.

  1. Oni Giri -> Purgatory Oni Giri
  2. Tiger Hunt -> Ultra Tiger Hunt
  3. Shishi Sonson -> Shi Shishi Sonson

(Shishi Sonson was the decisive move he used on Mr. 1, while it completely fails to affect King)

Finally, and perhaps the biggest inversion is that in both fights, Zoro has an important flashback with a Shimotsuki- Koushirou with Mr. 1, and Koushirou’s father Kozaburo with King.

From Koushirou’s flashback, Zoro learns of the importance of a sword understanding the swordsman’s will, while from Kozaburo’s flashback, Zoro learns the importance of understanding the sword’s will…

There are definitely more inversions, but these were the key ones that stood out to me so I wanted to share them. People have said that this fight is giving them Zoro vs Mr. 1 vibes and I 100% think that that’s the right track to compare it to.

*by Sufficient-Bedroom

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