King’s Advanced Full-Body Armament Haki


Marco has his extremely hax regeneration, while Katakuri has his Future Sight, something not even Big Mom had to offer in her arsenal. So this got me thinking, what will King’s personal customized fighting style look like other than plain old swordsmanship? The answer is Awakened Full-Body Armament.


People use fire-based attacks out of nowehere from time to time again, like 15th Division Commander Fossa setting his sword on fire.

The first time Luffy used fire/heat based attacks was Red Hawk at Fishman Island which is also armament-based. So we can assume that Armament Haki somehow allows the user to set themselves on fire, or at least cause heat via friction, in Luffy’s case enhanced by Gear 2nd.


We’ve only had two Donquixote top executives use Full-Body Armament so far, Vergo and Pica, and it sucked because both of them were defeated seconds later, but imagine someone at First Mate level using it.


Now take a close look at King the Wildfire, also known as the Conflagration, or the Inferno. The dude has a fire themed epithet and a flame constantly haloing his head. How is any of this stuff related to a Pteranodon? Answer: It isn’t, just like Queen the Plague got his epithet from his hobby of creating deadly viruses. And King will definitely outshine both Jack and Queen just like Katakuri did.

King’s human form is certainly weird, though. He’s pitch-black, even in Zoan mode, almost as if he was constantly clad in Armament Haki. But what if he actually is and that’s how he’s on fire all the time?

Other possibilities include his race has control over the element of fire similar to the Minks’ Electro, or that his Katana is in fact named Wildfire and works just like a red lightsaber (Darth Vader anyone?). It could in fact be all of them combined.

*Theory by Admiral Ryokugyu

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