Koby’s Past and Present Strength


Do you guys think Koby will be Admiral level at the end of the series? At the moment, I don’t think that he will, at least without another timeskip. I’m going to lay out how strong I think that Koby was and is at different points in the story to show my reasoning.


East Blue Koby: Weaker than Chou Chou, that dog that Buggy’s crew beat up.

Post Enies Lobby Koby: Strong enough to beat all East Blue villains with some difficulty. Koby has hit puberty, gone through basic training and learned one of the six Rokushiki forms. He lost to base form Luffy, who (since the beginning of the series) had been pushed to his limit by Lucci and Crocodile, thus improving his strength and arsenal of techniques. At the beginning of the series, most villains had one gimmick that they relied on (armor, fishman strength, a Devil Fruit), while Luffy had both raw strength and a Devil Fruit, allowing him to win without serious difficulty.

  • Example fight: Koby vs Captain Kuro – Koby wins because he can actually control his super speed, and has trained his strength to be able to deliver a finishing blow.

Summit War Koby: Similar to Post Enies Lobby Koby. He has awakened Observation Haki, but doesn’t know how to use it. Gains battle experience and a stronger will.

Post Time Skip Koby: Around that of the pre-Timeskip Boa Sisters or Sentomaru. After 2 years, Koby will be able to use at least Observation Haki and the other Rokushiki forms. Though his rank is Captain (Pre-TS Smoker, Post-TS Tashigi, T-Bone) this puts him at the minimum strength requirements for Vice Admiral (near Maynard’s level).

  • Example fight: Koby vs pre-TS Luffy – Koby likely wins with some difficulty. With Observation  Haki and Soru, Koby should be able to dodge G2 attacks. G3 may be challenging, but Luffy still has the shrinkage drawback at this time. If Koby knows Armament Haki, victory is his. If not, he may have difficulty putting Luffy down.

Conclusion: Koby won’t become an Admiral rank or strength unless there is another timeskip, likely after the final battle goes down. He is a little less than 2 years behind Luffy and Luffy is likely not at the strength of the Admirals yet.


Do you think Koby will have combat relevance at the end of the series?

*Theory by HungryNacht

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