Komurasaki is still Alive!





Nekomata (original form: 猫また, later forms: 猫又, 猫股, 猫胯) are a kind of catyōkai.
There are two very different types: the ones that live in the mountains, and the ones raised domestically that grow old and transform.

Cats are often associated with death in Japan, and this particular spirit is often blamed. Far darker and malevolent than most bakeneko, the nekomata is said to have powers of necromancy, and upon raising the dead, will control them with ritualistic dances – gesturing with paw and tail.


Now I will tell you a story and tell me do you remember something?

In the Edo period, there was a depiction of a nekomata taking on the appearance of a human female playing a shamisen, but since shamisen in the Edo period were frequently made by using the skins of cats, the nekomata played the shamisen and sang a sad song about its own species, and has been interpreted as a kind of irony etc. Concerning the fact that they wear geisha clothing, there is the viewpoint they are related due to the fact that geisha were once called “cats (neko)”.


Yes, this story is similar to what happend at the Shogun’s banquet, when KOMURASAKI started to play and everyone was stunned by her wonderful playing, she puts the mask of the fox and hide her face for some reason, beacause this song makes her feel sad and remember it in someone.

It is generally said that the “mata” (又) of “nekomata” comes from how they have two tails, but from the view of 
folkloristics, this is seen as questionable, and since they transform as they grow older, AND that it is the “mata” meaning “repetition”
MATA = repetition….once more…..again

That means KOMURASAKI can come back to life with a power associated with the legend of this cat “NICOMATA”

The conclusion is that KOMURASAKI has the power of fruit related to this myth, a power associated with spirits and death, and through it will come back to life again. And of course we are talking about the DEVIL FRUIT.

*Theory by odacchi_san

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