Kozuki Family belongs to the Clan of D.


In chapter 960, we are reminded yet again of the striking similarities between the Kozuki Family and those with the initial “D.” in their names.


They both share strong charisma and draw people to them, they both are pivotal to the story and history of the world.


We saw Momonosuke demonstrated the same ability to “hear” Zunisha as Luffy, though he could go one step further and command it.

Not to mention the obvious shared connection to the Ancient Kingdom and the Void Century.

With this in mind, I’d like to propose a theory I’ve had for a little while now. Those from Wano with a moon in their name: Kozuki (光月) and Shimotsuki (霜月) are actually connected to “D.” as well.

It’s been suggested among fans before that the initial “D.” in some people’s names does not stand for a word at all, but is rather a symbol of the moon. This could be just a symbol of the moon itself (or at least, a half moon), or come from the kanji for moon (月).

If true, then the tsuki/zuki in those names would be the Wano equivalent of “D.”. They don’t have the same alphabet, so if they did have “D.” names, it wouldn’t be written the same way.

It’s been noted among fans in the past that the D. Family might have a connection to the moon, and and this would be very clear evidence towards that if true.

*Theory by Turtleitarian_Regime

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