Kozuki Oden finally shown for the first time!


In chapter 960 Kozuki Oden is fully shown for the first time and more of his past is explained in detail.


Question that I think warrants serious discussion: When exactly does Oden meet Lady Toki?

Seriously, look at the timeline of everything we know about Oden so far and tell me how she fits in:

-41 Years ago: Kozuki Sukiyaki prepared to disown his 18-year-old son and heir Oden due to Oden committing outrageous actions his entire life.
Meanwhile, gang member Kin’emon stole a very valuable white boar and took it to the Capital.
Oden will likely take the blame for this incident instead of Kin’emon and will be banished from the capital to Kuri.


-39 Years ago: We know from Kin’emon that Oden became a daimyo at the age of 20. This means that in the span of 2 years, Oden has both defeated Ashura Doji and conquered Kuri. Considering Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu all wash up on Kuri beach, the first chunk of the flashback will most likely consist of Oden’s conquering of Kuri and him gathering the Scabbards. It’ll end with each of them owing Oden a great debt, vowing to be his retainers.


-38 Years ago: The God Valley Incident. This is important because it’s when the Rock Pirates are defeated and disband, leaving Whitebeard in need of a new crew.

-38-28 years ago: After building Oden castle and the paradise farm for the people of Kuri, Oden finally manages to make it out to sea. Him, Izo, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi join Whitebeard’s ship, sailing with them until Oden is scouted by Roger. Oden and the 2 minks join Roger, leaving Izo behind to become Whitebeard’s 16th division commander.

-28 years ago: Rogers’ final voyage starts. Momonosuke is born.
-26 Years ago: Hiyori is born.

-25 Years ago: Oden is still sailing with Roger, stating he’ll open the borders of Wano within the next 20 years. Together, they reach Raftel and learn the secrets of the world.

-24 Years ago: Roger is executed. Oden likely returns to Wano and tells his Scabbards that opening the country’s borders will coincide with the dawn of a new world.
-20 Years ago: Oden is boiled to death and dies at the hands of Kaido and Orochi, his wife Toki sending his retainers and Momonosuke into the future.

Given the above, Oden almost has to meet Lady Toki during his travels with either Whitebeard or Roger, or else the timeline makes no sense.

We know from Inuarashi and Nekomamushi that all them traveled with Roger during his final voyage since they mention going to Skypiea, Fishmen Island, etc. We also know Oden was there as well, since Kin’emon explicitly states that Oden knew the secrets of the world, and that’s why Kaido originally targeted him.. Momonosuke also claims to have met Roger at some point.

So what, Oden sailed with these great pirates, went back to Wano with Toki to have Momonosuke and Hiyori, only to then go back on Rogers’ ship for the last leg of the adventure? This makes absolutely no sense given both the timeline and what we know of Oden’s character.

I can only conclude that Oden met Toki at sea, and subsequently had both Momonosuke and Hiyori while sailing on board Rogers’ ship.

This opens up a huge realm of speculation because it means Toki could have been involved literally anywhere in the world. Could she have been present on God Valley? If she was, she could have met Whitebeard/Roger there, and eventually met Oden when he joins their respective crews. Could she be the reason why God Valley no longer exists — because she sent it forward in time?

I’d always assumed that Toki was jumping forward in time on Wano, and that she both met Oden and birthed their children on Wano. Now, I strongly doubt that.

*Theory by Therrester

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