Oden’s Six Paths – Flashback Analysis


So far Oden’s backstory has gone through a lot of developments. Upon looking closely I was able to notice a pattern in its structure.


The flashback is written with the 6 realms of the Samsara cycle or the reincarnation cycle as its reference for the structure. What this means is that every new chapter we experience a new realm of the cycle.

1-Defeating a God- Deva Realm


2-Defeating Ashura- Asura Realm


3-Meeting the Minks- Animal Realm

4-Meeting the Strongest Man- Human Realm

6-Meeting Toki- Preta/Ghost Realm(Note that those who traveled through time were referred to as ghosts before)

So the next and final one is, the Realm of Hell. Which is most likely Oden being boiled alive by Kaido. Meeting Kaido will be hell.

Something to add on to it is the fact that Enma is the sword that can cut hell, if Kaido is the symbol of hell then that statement holds true as his only visible scar was dealt by Enma.

So I’m not saying that we’ll see Oden get boiled next chapter but we will most likely meet Kaido or some tragedy could happen.

*Theory by thespadester

Kozuki Toki comes from the Void Century!

Roger gave his Straw Hat to Shanks much earlier than we thought!