Lafitte and Catarina Devon’s Secret Mission in Egghead


Chapter 1079 showed us a Blackbeard ship approaching Egghead. Speculation was that Kuzan could be in it. Now we know otherwise.


Assuming Oda isn’t playing it fast and loose with the Winner Island timeline, we have narrowed down the possible occupants.

Chapter 1080 shows Shiryu (2), Avalo Pizarro (4), Sanjuan Wolf (7) and Vasco Shot (8) in Hachinosu. Chapter 1081 confirms Kuzan (10) is there too.

Chapter 1081 shows Blackbeard himself is still at Winner Island, along with Jesus Burgess (1), Van Augur (3), Doc Q (9) and Stronger (11 – deal with it).


This leaves out Laffitte (5) and Catarina Devon (6).

They are hardly an assault team meant to face either Luffy or the Marines in prolonged combat. They are, however, pretty well-suited for infiltration.


So, there are a few reasons they could be there:

  • Raiding Egghead for devil fruits;
  • Specifically going after S-Snake (Blackbeard wanted that devil fruit);
  • Trying to steal the Road Poneglyph rubbings (Teach knew one captain would end in Winner, and the others in Egghead and Elbaf);
  • Trying to kidnap Vegapunk (Blackbeard wants fruits and to blackmail the World Government).

Despite their motives, what I think will happen is that York will leave with them. She turned on the other Vegapunks, the World Government turned on her, there’s literally no escape in her current situation – but Blackbeard could certainly use a Vegapunk, and York has big dreams.

*Theory by siamkor

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