Latest chapter confirms a big difference between Beasts Pirates and the other Yonko crews


This is something I’ve noticed for a bit now but I believe the Beasts Pirates have an implicit agreement/theme to NOT back down from a fight no matter the circumstances.


I feel that the recent chapter really showed this and it’s not the first time.

– Queen vs Big Mom – Queen didn’t back down despite being over-classed and getting thrashed.

– Jack vs Shutenmaru – Both did not back down, Jack didn’t have any of his subordinates fight.


– Jack doesn’t back down from taking on 3 Admiral level opponents


– Kaido himself has been defeated and lost, and we saw this in his very introduction

– Latest chapter King and Jack don’t back away from the Tobi Roppo

We’ve been seeing the same pattern of a Beasts Pirate like Queen or Jack fighting a stronger opponent, getting thrashed, but still getting back up.

I’m starting to think it’s like an implicit rule or a shared mentality that you should never back down from a fight no matter the odds, and if you go down you keep getting up trying whatever means necessary to win until you’re dead.

For the longest time I though Jack was an idiot for challenging three Admiral level opponents at once but now I’m starting to reevaluate.

Yes Jack is still an idiot, but now I view his statement of “Who do you think I am differently?” I’m an All Star of the Beast Pirates do you think I’m gonna run from a fight?”

This also gives a contrast with the Big Mom Pirates.

While the Big Mom Pirates defend and try to avoid fights when they can, the Beasts Pirates attack and pick fights as much as possible, they don’t back down no matter the circumstance.

It also aligns with their crew being a meritocracy where you rise the ranks by challenging those above you – you can’t back down, just gotta keep pushing ahead to get what you want. If you want something you gotta get it yourself.

Comparing the difference in crew hierarchy between Whitebeard Pirates, Big Mom Pirates and Beasts Pirates and how they elect their commanders:

Whitebeard Pirates are offered the role of Division Commander, something that Teach refused and put Ace forward for instead. The Commanders are respected by their division/crew, and the decision is accepted.

Big Mom seems to have her reliable children, not determined by age, who she has as her Sweet Commanders. There is still dispute in this, as Perospero thinks he deserves to be there due to being the eldest child of Big Mom, but he won’t dispute it as it’s Big Mom’s decision.

Kaido has basically set up a Free Fight for All. 3 slots are available for the All Stars status, and if you can beat them, you claim your spot. He is happy knowing there is healthy competition for those positions of power.

So you have a crew where the decision is respected by everyone (except Teach), a crew where everyone only accepts it because the boss said it, and lastly a crew where the boss has said, you fight for your rank.

*by UsefulSound

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