Law is a member of Marine’s SWORD!


This is a theory about the connection between Trafalgar Law and the Marine Headquarters Secret Special Force SWORD.


So I’m going to establish why and how could Law be apart of SWORD.

Before choosing to read this I’d like you to know there is a youtube video version of this theory if you prefer to learn about it through my voice over and visual aid.


Is Law apart of SWORD?

I believe at the very least Trafalgar Law is affiliated with SWORD and at the most he is actually a member of the organization. The thing that might make someone weary of Law being a possible member of SWORD is that he isn’t the type that would want to be involved with the Marines. I could see why one would take that stance. Considering that the World Government is responsible for the death of Law’s family and entire town.


However, consider this. When Koby and Drake spoke of the CP0 in Wano, they seemed to be fearful of the implications. This tells us two things. First off, the members of SWORD seem to have an inherent distrust of Cipher Pol and by extension the World Government. And secondly even the World Government’s top intelligence agency isn’t aware that Drake is in SWORD. So even if Law had a grudge against the WG, it may actually be of his benefit to be apart of SWORD. Especially if they themselves might turn on the WG someday.

You might wonder if it’ll ruin Law’s integrity as a pirate, but really how much is he invested in piracy? He hasn’t shown much of an interest in seeking treasure, exploring the seas, or dealing with the criminal underworld. Of his many appearances throughout the series he’s only mentioned wanting to be Pirate King once or twice. And the times he did, it’s only alluding to it. He has never outright said he wants the One Piece for himself. He does however for some reason want to take down Kaido.

US!? This could imply that Law already had the alliance formed with someone else. It could be his crewt hat he is referring to as “us”,but that is unnecessary given that he’s the captain In fact in the next sentence he says “You and I.”

Out of the 4 Yonko he seems like the one you’d least want to plot to kill. This is not only because of how powerful and almost unbeatable he seems, but also because Wano is an isolated country. Despite how unreasonable it is for him to plot against Kaido this was something he seemed to have decided before he even knew he would have an alliance with the Straw Hats.

Is Hawkins implying that Law only wanted to work with the Straw Hats to get into Wano. And now that Law is successfully in Wano he might reconsider their alliance?

And there is absolutely no way he could have predicted we would have formed an alliance with the Minks and Samurai. Having the likes of Kinemon that actually knows how to get in and around Wano makes a drastic difference. Perhaps Law just rolled the dice when planning to go after Kaido, but Law is too smart for that. He’s a pirate so of course he would take risk, but he wouldn’t set him and crew up for a suicide mission. He was willing to die fighting against Doflamingo, but that was because he was emotionally invested in getting revenge. As far as we know he doesn’t have such a grudge against Kaido. He’s the type to play it as safe when he is cool headed and logical strategist.

Despite not having an apparent alliance before teaming up with the Straw Hats Law seemed confident enough to put together a plan.

He wants Luffy’s as an ally, and tells him that together they will aim to take down a Yonko. Given what Hawkins said, it may be the case that he was only half telling the straw hats the truth. He wanted the Straw Hats help to get into Yonko territory. However once they get in Law may have reason to reconsider their alliance.

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