Law is in a Dangerous Situation vs Hawkins


Orochi eagerly orders his subordinates to apprehend all of Yasuie’s allies and behead them as he is carried away from Rasetsu Town, and Zoro continues trying to go after him, but Kyoshiro counters all his strikes and refuses to give up ground.


Sanji hands Toko over to Usopp while he takes on X Drake. Drake manages to hit Sanji with his allosaurus tail, sending him crashing into a house, and he recognizes Sanji as O-Soba Mask.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, Law manages to blow his way through the fence and make it to the prison where his crewmates are, but Hawkins confronts him.


Law notes that Bepo is missing, and Hawkins replies that they were not foolish enough to keep all their hostages in one place. He then says that Law cannot defeat him as he cuts his own arm, causing Shachi’s arm to be cut in the same spot.


Hawkins tells Law that he could not defeat him until he had killed his three subordinates. All of this just perfectly shows how Hawkins is an expert planner and strategist.

Right now, a lot of people seem to think that Law can simply disarm Hawkins by cutting his limbs off so he can’t threaten to kill Law’s subordinates/commit suicide. However, that’s not how their devil fruit’s interaction works.

We saw in chapter 918, during their first confrontation, that Law’s non-damaging abilities are transferred to the voodoo victims. In that brief clash, Law’s attacks had no effects on Hawkins himself, which means if Law tries anything funny, Hawkins can kill Law’s friends with impunity.

Moreover, only lethal injuries can kill Hawkins’ voodoo dolls and Law’s Room abilities are non-lethal. Something to think about.
So how can Law get out of this situation?



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