Law was more impressive than you think!


To me, so far in the fight against Kaido, Luffy and Law have shined the most. Luffy has done a ton of damage against Kaido, and had Kaido thinking of Roger, Whitebeard, Rocks, Shanks, and Oden because of him.


He tanked a Boro Breath, dodged a Thunder Bagua and the wind scythes with ease. His new Gear Fourth attacks are really impressive thus far.

Law is showing great versatility with his devil fruit, with the effortless teleporting and use of things like the rocks (which people made fun of, though they ignored that he coated them with Haki before he hit Kaido, and it obviously hurt him).


People tried to clown him and say Law wouldn’t be a factor, while I had pointed out that he had something in his repertoire that was like having the Internal Destruction Haki without actually possessing it (the Gamma Knife), and if Law had known where Kaido’s heart was, that would have done way more damage than it already did. Also, given that we got the Gamma Knife this early, definitely think Law is going to show some variance with it. Totally going to get more Gamma Knife moves.


The most important thing about Law though, is that he’s casual in this fight thus far, from a mental standpoint. People tried to shit on him for losing against Doflamingo, but I’ve always said that the only reason he lost is because Doflamingo had him out of his element. Law is normally calm, cool, collected, and tactical in his approach, and was anything but that against Doflamingo. He was highly emotional, full of rage, and erratic.

Had Law vs Doflamingo happened in a vacuum, where there’s no personal history between them, Law would have beat Doflamingo on his own. It was their personal history that got in his way, and drove Law out of his element, which is something that has been pointed out in this story a few times as being important, as far back as Nami herself verbally confirming how important it is to Iceberg, when the latter questioned how they were still going after Robin when they had got crushed by CP9, and she replied saying how confused they were but now they know that Robin was sacrificing herself for them, they were going to destroy CP9. Law has always been better than what people gave him credit for post-Doflamingo, and he’s showing it.

Zoro was next, he’s been pretty cool with his fire cutting technique. I think it’s important though that the difference be pointed out in Kaido being reminded of Rocks, Roger, Whitebeard, Shanks, and Oden while facing Luffy, and physically feeling Oden in Enma. Regardless of what Zoro does, despite how cool he’s been, it’s not just about him anymore. It’s been given credence that Enma retained some of Oden’s strength, or properties from Oden, especially given that Big Mom, the queen of souls, detected something about Enma before Kaido even noticed. Regardless, Zoro’s been pretty sweet thus far.

*by OEKaneki

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