Law will betray the Alliance because he has ties to the Marines!


I’m convinced of one thing after reading chapter 956. Trafalgar Law is and has been a member of Sword / a Marine the entire time.


X Drake and Law probably got on the same ship after the Swallow Island incident.

Likely trained by Tsuru together as Chore Boys in the Marines.

Acting strange because that’s your friend and fellow Marine?

He never had any reason to become a pirate. His time after Corazon died is a complete mystery. Corazon being a spy and his idol (a la Shanks) would drive him to want to destroy the World Government from the inside.

He loves plans. He hates “benevolent” pirates and gets all upset and disgusted whenever Luffy and the crew do something “good”


– Not because he’s a “true” pirate.

Because he hates pirates.


His mentor was killed by one. Not only was Doflamingo a pirate, he was a Tenryuubito at that.

We all know this attitude changed by the end of the flashback.

Law gave the World Government 100 pirate hearts to become a Shichibukai– because he wanted to dismantle those pirates.

Kuzan likely was on his way to Punk Hazard to discuss SWORD related business with Law, or to assist in taking out SAD

It’s pretty obvious Kuzan is a high ranking member if not the leader of SWORD

Law will betray the Alliance because he is a Marine.

But is torn because like Corazon showed Law that there can be good Marines, Luffy and the gang have proven to Law that there can be good Pirates as well.

Law is tied directed to both Drake AND Koby

The Rocky Port Incident was an inside job.

*Theory by RandyTroy

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