Law’s Mysterious Savior


This theory attempts to answer one of the latest questions brought up by the last chapter, which is “Who helped/let Law escape?”


So in chapter 954, we see that Law has somehow escaped from his cell and has incapacitated Hawkins. After questioning him for a short while, Law leaves the prison cell but as he does so, you can see a shadowy figure behind Law. Law says “If letting me walk is part of your plot, then consider me a willing participant.” We can’t see much of the character but we do see his boots, as well as the bottom of what looks like either a kimono or a long jacket and an overcoat.

Most of the speculations I’ve read suspected the typical Wano characters of Kyoshiro, Denjiro, and Drake. I, however, beg to differ after having considered the two details of the silhouettes that were shown in the chapter. One of the details is that the person is wearing a long type of garment that reaches to a few inches above the ankle, which could be a coat, a kimono, or even a cape. The other detail, which I think a lot of people missed, is the outline of what seems to be a shoe on the silhouette’s feet. Most, if not all, Wano residents don’t wear shoes but instead wear sandals. Those include Kyoshiro and probably Denjiro.


Drake is a possibility that has both, but I think the finer details of his attire’s bottom half don’t quite match the silhouette’s.

So, who then could it be?

My guess is one of the CP-0 agents who met with Orochi before.


Common attire between the CP-0 members include a long type of garment and also shoes. These, along with the “savior’s” motives which Law trusts enough to just leave and not interrogate nor threaten despite suspicions, for me fits the enigmatic characters of CP-0 and their third-party roles in Wano.

I know that Drake is the most convenient candidate but there’s something fishy about it. Drake is the most mysterious Supernova. Oda made it clear that he has some sort of plan of his own. He’s an ex-Rear Admiral, and he’s nicknamed Red Flag, which is the symbol of revolution. He tried everything in order to join Kaido, but why ?

Drake is already under fans’ speculations. No one would be surprised if Drake appears to be a double agent or betrays Kaido. It’s something expected. Moreover, when Hawkins captured Law, Drake entered and saw Law, and Hawkins told him “you’re acting strange”, which means:
1- We know that Drake is there.
2- It was made clear that Drake’s behaviour suddenly changed when he saw Law.

With that in mind, the question is: then why show a shadowy figure if it’s Drake? A shadowy figure is used when the character isn’t expected to be there by the readers.
Oda could have just shown us Drake and we wouldn’t be that surprised, because as I said it’s expected. There’s a big chance Oda mislead us with that shadowy figure, he wants us to think it’s Drake. In both panels that showed it, he drew the legs and the cape, which is the common part between Drake and CP-0.

*Theory by Ebony Rustle

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