Law’s Plan to Defeat Blackbeard!


Law is ridiculously outmatched against Blackbeard. His crew is deadweight while Blackbeard’s is packed with strong members, one of whom notably has the ability to teleport. And from Blackbeard’s perspective, Law is the best person that could have showed up since Law has both the Poneglyphs and one of the most powerful Devil Fruits. I can’t imagine Blackbeard not taking full advantage of this opportunity.


The question is, how on earth is Law getting out of this situation?

First of all, he won’t die.

It’s different from the Ace situation. Law is a fan-favorite who I just can’t believe Oda would kill in such a manner. But Blackbeard wouldn’t merely capture him, because he would presumably need to die for his fruit to be taken. The only way out of this then, is for Law to be saved. Who will it be?

Not Shanks

Shanks has other issues, such as Bartolomeo and finding the One Piece. He would not engage in a fight with Blackbeard so soon, especially when such a clash between these Yonkos would be far too costly for a battle that’s not even over the One Piece. These are two of the strongest people in the world right now – that battle would be greater than Luffy vs Kaido, and it doesn’t make sense that Shanks would engage in that for Law’s sake. I don’t even believe Shanks is in the area anymore. Also worth mentioning that I definitely think the two will meet again, it will just be later on.

Not Weevil


Weevil is an idiot, and I do not think that he can stand against Blackbeard. The depths of his personal connection to Whitebeard have yet to be seen. Even if he shows up to take revenge, Blackbeard low-diffs. Blackbeard’s crew is enough to overwhelm Law and Weevil working together.

Who I think will show up?

Some theories suggest that Law could be setting up a trap with SWORD. Remember two chapters ago how SWORD said “we can’t contact Drake” even though he was just in Wano.


Seems clear when the raid ended Law treated Drake who was in critical condition. Drake then told Law the event that happened outside with Blackbeard kidnapping Koby and how SWORD was tipped off (by Kuzan) that Blackbeard would hunt one of the 3 captains at the farthest island. So Law and Drake created a plan to setup Blackbeard. This is why Law is so confident at the end of Chapter 1063. Sengoku and Garp are probably already there!

*by TheSecretSecretSanta

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