Many people have come to speculate over what Lucky Roo’s devil fruit is. A majority of these speculations often revolve around how Lucky easily shot a bandit in Foosha Village.


These speculations also say that it was because of Lucky Roo that Shanks got to Marineford so quickly and that Lucky’s power is a time/teleportation/speed related devil fruit. However I highly doubt this is the case.


The main reason I doubt Lucky has a Devil Fruit is because of this: the Red Hair Pirates as a whole don’t have many Devil Fruit users.

How did I reach this conclusion? Well mainly because of this:

-Shanks has no Devil Fruit;
-Rayleigh has no Devil Fruit, and rather was a Haki master;
-None of the Roger Pirates willingly wanted a Devil Fruit;
-Roger most likely had no Devil Fruit and was most likely a Haki master;
-The Red Hair Pirates didn’t want a Devil Fruit(no one wanted the Gomu Gomu no Mi?).

As I just stated, none of the Roger Pirates wanted a Devil Fruit, and Rayleigh himself had no Devil Fruit, most of the Roger Pirates were Haki masters. And as we all know, Shanks was greatly inspired by Roger and Rayleigh.


So if Roger’s crew preferred Haki over Devil Fruits, then we can assume Shanks did as well. This can be seen as Shanks himself has no Devil Fruit and rather is a Haki master. This leads me to reach the conclusion that Shanks was against his crew eating Devil Fruits, and rather persuaded them to master haki, as he knew from experience how strong haki users like Rayleigh and Roger were. This is the main reason why i don’t believe Lucky Roo has a Devil Fruit; because if Shanks knew Devil Fruit users were weaker than haki users, I don’t believe he would allow one of the strongest members of his crew to eat a Devil Fruit. Furthermore, now that we are in the New World, almost every pirate has a Devil Fruit. This is one of the reasons I believe that Lucky and the Red Hairs should not be Devil Fruit users; because they would actually be stronger if they were pure haki users in the midst of Devil Fruit users.



Well even though I don’t think Lucky has a Devil Fruit, I do believe he has a very powerful technique which gives him tremendous power in battle. What is that technique? Life Return. I believe the reason why Lucky Roo eats so much is because he is storing energy for a battle. As you know, life return gives you the ability to control your body; this can be used to turn fat into muscle, or just turn fat into energy. However, Lucky covers his body with about 200-300 pounds of fat. When Lucky is in a battle he uses Life Return to greatly speed up his metabolism; when he does this, he will be converting all his fat into ATP(energy). With that much energy combined with insane Haki power, Lucky will literally be able to smash islands with the tip of his fingers. This power when used in action would look like a stronger version of Gear 2, maybe something like this

When Lucky killed the bandit in Foosha Village he just used a “lite” version of this technique.


Now many people say that Lucky has a Devil Fruit because they believe that Lucky was the reason why Shanks got to Marineford quickly; however I have a different explanation. I believe the reason why Shanks got to Marineford quickly is this:

  • Shanks’ Haki is so powerful that he can control the wind and the sea; by using this power Shanks created an extremely fast current from the New World to Marineford.


  • The Red Hair Pirates are mostly Haki users; therefore Lucky Roo has no Devil Fruit;
  • Rather than a Devil Fruit, Lucky uses Life Return to instantly metabolize 200+ pounds of fat, this gives him powers similar to might guy and Gear 2;
  • The reason why Shanks got to Marineford wasn’t because of a Devil Fruit but rather a Haki created current.

*Theory by Monkey D Theories

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