I’ve already seen some theories regarding Lucky Roo’s powers, some of them are so original and strange that say he can control time! Well after thinking and research I’ve come up with something more basic, but works perfectly with every piece of information we have!


So, what’s the Mystery?
Mystery 1: During Romance Dawn, we see one of Higuma’s men pointing a gun at Shanks’ head, then after Shanks warns him suddenly Lucky Roo appears and shoots him. Now here’s the question, how can a big man like that go there that quickly without being noticed?

Mystery 2: Despite the fact that they fought Kaido just hours before so, the Red Hair Pirates literally just appear at Marineford.


So now, before answering what his powers are, I must show you what his inspiration is.
I noticed several things in order to find it out: His name, how quick he is, and the fact that Oda is a fan of Westerns. Well, I think he is based on that guy:


If you don’t recognize him- then I’ll tell you this character is Lucky Luke, he is said to be the quickest shooter in the West, even quicker than his own shadow (Literally being quicker than light then):

So, here are the answers to the three reasons I listed above:
1. Name: Lucky Roo vs. Lucky Luke, note that in Japanese there’s no L so they would pronounce it Rook, notice the similarity?
2. Speed: Lucky Roo is shown to appear literally in an instant, Lucky Luke is quicker than his own shadow
3. Oda: Lucky Luke is a very famous Cowboy character, it makes sense that a Western lover like Oda would know him and take inspiration from him.

So, here’s what I think Lucky Roo’s powers are:
The Tere Tere no Mi (Teleport Teleport Fruit), Teleportation is quicker than the speed of light since it is literally disappearing and appearing somewhere else in the same instant.

I think that the fruit has some range, but you can teleport yourself, and everything you grab/touch, that would explain his sudden appearance near Higuma’s man, and it means that he might have teleported the Red-Hair’s entire ship quickly, therefore reaching Marineford in an impossible amount of time.

*Theory by Jewish Kaizoku

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