Luffy deserves to be an Emperor and he deserves his New Shocking Bounty!


A lot has been discussed over the past few days about Luffy’s new bounty and how our favorite captain probably didn’t deserve such a raise.


I can’t be denied that quite a bit of the increase is derived from “embellishments” that Big News Morgan introduced in his article. However, I would argue that Monkey D. Luffy absolutely deserves the 1.5 Billion Berries currently being thrown at his bounty – not because of what was in the article, but because of what was left out.

As Mihawk perfectly put it during the Paramount Wars, Luffy’s greatest power isn’t his ability to fight powerful opponents one-on-one but his ability to gather allies around him. And even though Morgan did talk about this a bit – mentioning Luffy “recruiting” Bege, the Sun Pirates and Germa 66 and the discovery of the Grand Fleet – he still has barely scratched the surface of all the likely allies Luffy would have if he ever decided to make a stand against the powers of the world.


Let’s go through those potential allies, shall we?

The Grand Fleet


Obviously these are the StrawHats’ most trustworthy allies – as far as you can trust any pirates, and a lot as already been talked about them. So I’ll move on.


Of the seven original Shichibukai, Luffy and his gang have allied themselves in some way shape or form to four of them – all of those who Luffy hasn’t already defeated. Jimbe and Boa would both come to Luffy’s aid at a moment’s notice, and – assuming the Sun Pirates survive Big Mom – with both of them comes great and powerful armies. Kuma and Mihawk are much more “iffy” as allies, but both have provided help to the crew in the past. Kuma obviously cannot be counted on in the future but I think Mihawk could be convinced to help out. There’s also small hints that at least one of the defeated Shichibukai could be turning face in the future.

World Government

Of all the kings currently heading to the Reverie, 5 directly owe their current title – if not their lives – to Luffy. Those are 5 countries – Sakura Kingdom, Alabasta, Fishman Island, Dressrosa and Prodence – who would all almost assuredly come to Luffy’s aide if asked. On top of that, four non-affiliated countries – Amazon Lily, Kamabakka, Zou and Wano – all have strong ties with the Strawhats and would most probably do the same.


Of the 8 other Supernova captains, Luffy has already allied himself with two, and I’m willing to wager that this number will increase fairly rapidly. It’s unclear if the alliance with Bege will have any meaning past Whole Cake Island but the friendship with Law has already been well established, and it would be very surprising if those two didn’t end up on the same side in the end.


I will not suggest that there are any true “allies” to be found among the Yonko, but the possibilities are certainly there. Shanks for one is definitely not an enemy, and my guess is that him and Luffy would come to each other’s defense if need be – regardless of whether or not they think they might need to duke it out at some point in the future. As for other potentials, one must not forget that the old Whitebeards are still somewhere in the New World. Who knows what other potential ally might lurk in the corner.

Revolutionary Army

As mentioned by Morgan, the ties between the Strawhats and the RA cannot be denied. The three top members of the RA – Monkey D. Dragon, Sabo and Emporio Ivankov – all have strong ties to the Strawhats. Assuming the army survived Baltigo, they would be a great ally indeed.


Just like in the Yonko’s case, I would not presume that any Navy member would be a straight “ally” to the pirates, but there are definitely those with sympathies. Even if we exclude Garp and Sengoku to retirement, we still have people like Fujitora, Coby and even Smoker who have expressed at least some respect towards the Strawhats. Kuzan would also be in this list if it turns out his current heal turn is some sort of assignment.

I’ve probably missed a few, but then again this post is already way too long. Anyway, you get the point. Luffy has allies. Lots of them. Because of this, he is as much of threat to the world order as any of Yonko, and probably more so then most of them considering they seem for the most part to be content with their current arrangements.

Luffy deserves to be an Emperor, and he deserves the ridiculous Bounty. The elders just made the right decision for the wrong reasons. It happens.

*Theory by ExpendableGerbil


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