Luffy foresaw Kaido’s Boro Breath Attack


I was rereading chapter 922 after having seen theories about Luffy foreseeing Kaido’s attack or something like that and I didn’t clearly understand. But then I noticed something.


So first we start with Luffy being surprised to see Kaido being so close to him and Law, and in next panel Kaido is shown moving quiet fast toward Oden’s castle. Then here is the terrific reaction of Luffy seing the result of Kaido’s Boro Breath.

I don’t think we’ve already seen Luffy so horrified at least since Kuma…

And here is the panel that really really tilted me


When Luffy starts his move, Kaido almost didn’t move compared to the first panel. Given the fact he was shown flying closer to the castle, he should be further from Luffy and Law.

So what if Luffy foresaw the Boro Breath and decided to go all in to distract Kaido?


To support this theory, I can add the position of Nami Brook and Sanji when the Boro Breath come to them, it seems that they can’t have time to move and moreover looking at how the hill is destroyed I can’t see where they could have gone.

Plus, I saw a lot of people complaining of Luffy not evolving, being always so reckless etc.. but I think he knows pretty well how far he his from Kaido (he puched Big Mom just to see how far from Yonko level he was), he didn’t event go Gear 4, that can prove his only purpose was to distract Kaido the fastest he could.

So Luffy will fight Kaido and I expect him to lose but when the fight ends I suspect Kaido will look up and blow the castle up this time for real but Luffy will buy them enough time that they will escape barely before it happens.

*Theory by Khotyenko

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