Luffy is NOT the Destroyer of Fishman Island


When chapter 906 came out, I was shocked to see the last page. I never thought that there would be a giant version of the hat; but come to think of it, it makes sense in some ways.


There is now a supposed reason as to why “straw hat” is being passed on. But that made me remember something else too.

I just remembered that there was a prediction by Madam Shyarly during the Fishman Arc that the Fishman Island would be destroyed by Straw Hat Luffy. It was indicated that “her terrifying visons always comes true”. I don’t think that Oda would be including this and not have any impact later on. However, Shyarly only said the Destroyer of Fishman Island would be wearing a Straw Hat, not that it is Luffy. She just assumed that it was Luffy since he has one. The arc was concluded without the prediction coming true… yet?


Here are my thoughts:

1-It is possible that most of us thought that it was Luffy since he is the only remarkable person with a straw hat in the whole series. However, with the giant straw hat introduced, there are now more options. I think that the giant straw hat can possibly be a weapon that will end up destroying the Fishman Island. Maybe the method of “erasing someone from history” as the Gorosei said. Maybe that is why Im had the picture of Shirahoshi cut down.


2-This maybe a little ambitious, but I think that one of the things happening towards the end of One Piece is that the Red Line would be brought down. Kind of makes sense to me as it will unite the blues, which will eventually lead to All Blue. And since Fishman Island is beneath the Red Line, it will be destroyed thus the prediction coming true. Noah will bring them to the surface thus fulfilling its mission, making a new “Fishman Island”, this time on the surface.

I also think that the Reverse Mountain might play an important role in the future, since Luffy and the crew would definitely come back for Laboon.

Anyways, these are all just speculation but it would be fun if that happens. Thoughts?

*Theory by Arpeecee

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