The Supernova Trio Returns in Wano!!

Luffy, Kidd and Law joined forces back in Sabaody Archipelago to beat the navy, they are the 3 strongest Supernovas and after the event in Sabaody Archipelago Oda has given us some clues on how they will join up again in Wano.

Monkey D. Luffy


Luffy is probably the only one of them who can use all 3 types of haki and luffy is also allied with Law to beat kaido and fight a rebellion wano with the Pirate-Samurai-Ninja-mink alliance.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar.D.Water Law reached out to luffy to form an alliance to take down Doflamingo known the consequences of their actions as Kaido will be the one that they will eventually have to face.

Eustass Kidd


This is a speculation: I think Kid fought kaido on 1v1 terms since Apoo allied himself with Kaido leaving Kidd and Hawkins and later Hawkins was nowhere to be found and Kidd was the only one who got beat and captured. Kid survived that match but he got thrown in a cell in Kaido’s winter island.


“Let’s meet up in the New World”

So let’s put Kid’s words into perspective, he definitely wants to fight Luffy in the future but their current situation will force them to join forces since Kaido is the main enemy infront of them and they need to beat him in order to move foward. This also seems like a great way to meet up again but I’ll talk about that later.

Their Relationship

Luffy and Law are allies and good friends: Luffy ows him a lot for saving him back in Marineford and Law ows Luffy for helping him to beat Doflamingo.

Kid and Law

I think Kid and Law knew each other in the past but no one knows how they met or what they did.

“There’s a familiar face”

Heat was surprised to see Law there but Kid was exited to see Law so to the possibility of them knowing each other before they were pirates is very likely.

Law also calls him Eustass instead of Kid but everyone else calls him Captain Kid or Boss Kid and Kid doesn’t seem to mind Law callling him Eustass and them calling each other by their first names could be a clue that they had past encounters.

Kid and Luffy

“Hahahah….Man that kid gets on my nerves”

He seems to respect Luffy for some of the things that he has done punching a Celestial Dragon and joining the war.

He’d normally kill the people who stand his way but he decided to make Luffy his rival instead.

And he seems to be existed for a fight with him in the future.

The Events Places and Foreshadowings

There are particular events that could foreshoadow that these 3 will fight together again.

Sabaody Archipelago

This is basically where it all began
Oda introduced the 11 Supernovas

Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and Monkey D. Luffy fought together against the Marines.

Foreshadowing: Kid invited Luffy and Law to the New World

Post-Marineford War arc

After the end of the war most of the Supernovas (except Law, Luffy and Zoro) moved to the New World.

Foreshadowing: Kid vows to not let Luffy standout from the rest of the the Supernova foreshadowing a future reunion.

Law “there’s a position I need to take” and “I have plans for Luffy” this leads to his plan to ally with Luffy.

Punk Hazard arc

Law and Luffy meet to form an alliance to take down Doflamingo and Kaido

Zou arc

After Doffy gets taken down Kaido crashes on Kid’s base and fights him.

Foreshadowing: Kid was supposed to fight Shanks but Kaido stopped it by beating Kid so Kidd is now involved with Kaido and imprisoned in his Winter Island. Kid now wants vengeance against Kaido.

Kaido also shows no interest in dealing with Luffy and Law and shows them his power by beating Kid and Luffy and Law haven’t even gotten his attention..

So let’s look at a future possible event that could take place before Wano 

A Possible Winter Island Arc?

So Winter Island is Kaido’s favourite island and Kid is also there so what if Law Zoro and Kinemon went to Winter Island first?
Kaido could care less about the Luffy Law alliance but Winter Island was known as Kaido’s favorite island so destroying it would definitely get his attention and he’d be more serious and they could free Kid so there’d would be one who had experience on fighting with Kaido and Kid would join with Law and Luffy to take down Kaido.

So that’s it for this theory, Law and Zoro could rescue Kid and destroy Winter Island to gain Kaido’s attention.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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