Luffy Shows Qualities of a True Pirate King!


Luffy, Chopper, Hyogoro, Raizo, Kikunojo, and Kawamatsu overwhelm the Beasts Pirates, but Daifugo shoots the prisoners with special bullets, which inflict a debilitating virus known as Mummy onto them that is spread through touch.


Daifugo reveals that this virus is one of Queen’s greatest creations.
The virus basically eats the person from inside destroying their cells at a rapid speed.
The prisoners with broken spirits move to subdue Luffy’s group, but Luffy unexpectedly grabs them and becomes infected.

Luffy then pushes everyone down and tells them to wake up and realize that they are all just slaves.
He tells them that their conditions will only worsen the longer Kaido stays in power, and if they want to get out of this, they should not stand in his way.


So Luffy manages to persuade the prisoners to rebel against the Beasts Pirates with one of the best speeches he’s ever had in the whole series. He tells to the prisoners of Udon that giving up on hope and accepting to live in a miserable condition is not a way to live, living life out as a slave isn’t living at all.

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This just shows how much Luffy has grown as a Leader.
His capability to move the hearts of others shows again why he’s the man destined to become the Future Pirate King.
In the meantime, Babanuki prepares to fire an Excite Shell into the crowd, but with his incredible future sight, Luffy anticipates it easily. He ties up his elephant’s trunk, causing the shell to explode inside Babanuki.

The prisoners then decide to join Luffy and rebel, and they defeat Daifugo as Luffy’s alliance conquers Udon.
There are eight days before the final battle against Kaido.

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