Luffy vs Katakuri Ending Explained


So I’ve seen a lot of complaints about Luffy vs Katakuri ending and how ambiguous it was. We didn’t see the final blows and Katakuri fell down due to a vague reason. Was it stamina, willpower, he let Luffy go, or what?


But I do think that technically the fight isn’t over. I’ll explain what I mean by this.

Time and time again throughout this arc, we’ve seen the Big Mom Pirates talk down to the Straw Hats and allies. They’re always being underestimated. Even Luffy’s fight against Katakuri. No one in the Big Mom Pirates could fathom the idea Luffy going toe to toe with Katakuri, much less defeat him. Even Brulee thought Luffy had cheated in some way to knock her big brother out.

So I think the reason we, THE AUDIENCE, didn’t see the final hits was to mirror the Big Mom Pirates’ perception of it. We’re made to feel unsatisfied about the fight, uncertain how it really went down. And one of the big payoffs of this arc, I feel, is going to be the Big Mom Pirates and/or Big Mom herself finding out from Katakuri himself the ending of the fight. We’ll probably get a flashback of the final blows that both solidifies how the fight ended to the Big Mom Pirates BUT ALSO US. I think this would be a great way to close out that fight properly rather than it just being left to very vague interpretations. Who knows? These feelings of uncertainty about the ending of the fight could have been intended to make the payoff grander.

*Theory by viktorayy

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