Luffy Won’t Defeat Katakuri


Yes, we all have been waiting for this since the introduction of the character Katakuri,when our hero Luffy fights and defeats A Billion Berry Bounty Holder.


I don’t need to mention his abilities, devil fruit powers, haki, since we all know what kind of beast he is! In few previous chapters we see Sanji saying that it will be the first defeat of Katakuri(i.e. Luffy will defeat Katakuri). It’s nice, a Nakama believes in his captain to such level. But Will Luffy Actually Defeat Katakuri? 

I say NO because of these reasons:

1- Going back to all the previous arcs, almost all the opponents defeated by Luffy are cruel, underestimating Luffy and always some emotions attached with people suffering from them. But, here the opponent is of different nature and seems a perfect opponent and not an emotional fight. It’s the Fight For Legacy though.

2- In this image we see Luffy stating that he wants to surpass him, and wants to defeat him when he’s at full power.

In previous fights with other opponents(Doflamingo,Crocodile etc.) we see Luffy actually saying he will surpass or defeat that opponent but here he just wants to defeat the opponent.

3- If… If … In case Luffy becomes able to defeat Katakuri then the outcome is even worst. Do you seriously think that Straw Hat Luffy will defeat two of the three right hand men of a Yonko?? And Big Mom will just watch and enjoy the scenes of of her right hand men defeat??

She will chase Straw Hats to hell and back to kill him, and it would be bad for Luffy before Wano as he will be surely seriously injured if and only if he manages to defeat Katakuri.

*Theory by Monkey D Dragon 0304

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