Luffy’s Advanced Armament Haki


How top tier characters use Advanced Armament Haki

This will be a short theory, but I think it carries some weight and there’s enough proof to make it.

On the topic of Advanced Armament Haki, I think we’ve seen some different ways in that it is portrayed in the series, especially in the new world.

The short explanation is that, I believe Armament Haki is not only an invisible armor but it can also take shapes and forms if trained to a certain degree. And the recent fight with Katakuri using his “Block Mochi” abilities has confirmed my idea.


With characters like Katakuri, Vergo and Vice Admiral Komei. (I know Komei is not canon but Oda helped write the story and I believe has some weight to my argument). We’ve seen these characters use Armament Haki in a way that seems familiar however for some reason has an edge over Luffy’s or other characters (in Vergo’s case). With Vergo not only did we see Full Body Haki for the first time. But something a lot of people overlook was his growth in size. Same with Katakuri’s Block Mochi attacks.
With the Advanced Armament Haki not only did Katakuri’s overpower Luffy’s but it also made his attacks pack way more punch. So what if Armament wasn’t only used to shield someones existing weapons and body, but could also be layered to create different forms. As we see in Katakuri’s “donut” and “block mochi” the extended arms were not only hollow but cylindrical in shape. My theory is that his Mochi only looked like a block because his Haki was layered in a way that it became a larger and deadlier attack.

With Vergo there’s an obvious difference with his appearance when fighting with Sanji and his fight with Law. With his clash against Sanji he was a normal size, he didn’t take a massively muscular shape like he did with Law. So what if he used his Armament Haki to make his body larger by layering it to ensure more power and defense at the same time.

And with Vice Admiral Komei we saw him using Armament Haki to extend the range of his fan weapon.


In the future I think Luffy’s Advanced Armament could give him similar appearance to Katakuri with “Block” attacks.

*Theory by Commando_Nate

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