Luffy’s Awakening and Future Fighting Style


People may have been speculating the same thing that I’m posting, but I honestly believe this whole fight Oda has been having loads of fun showing off Katakuri’s power and the variety of his attacks, fighting style, etc. This fight between the two is not just happen-stance, it’s to have a glimpse of what Luffy will be able to do in the future, besides the ability to see the future.


I think that perhaps Oda was out of options for progression for Luffy regarding his fighting style so will have Luffy adopt Katakuri’s fighting style in the future. But you may say, Mochi looks to be superior and rubber can’t do what mochi can… They are totally different… That’s where I disagree. Paramecia powers are so varied and confusing to understand their awakening, but by comparing a few I’d like to make this point quick and simple.

Katakuri’s fruit made him a mochi-man. Chances are before his awakening power activated – he was either like Luffy where he was just a mochi man, unable to produce the mochi – but became a man of mochi. Or he was like Mr. 3 or Magellan, where he was a mochi man that just produced the product of the devil fruit power.

But the fact still stands, Katakuri is a mochi man, just like Luffy is a rubber man. Katakuri as an awakened user became fully able to use his devil fruit power to not only to affect the area of his choosing into mochi AND controlling it, but able to change the consistency of his mochi-body or the mochi outside of him in his environment.- loose to hard, and therefore is even able to change his body to that of almost a logia.

Here is where Luffy’s power will mimic Katakuri’s. Luffy will be able to change the consistency of his rubber body to that of the primordial/most simple beginning of rubber substance which is a loose and/or stretchy sap substance – to that of his regular stretchy rubber – to that of a really hard vulcanized rubber. This will cover the spectrum of rubber in all it’s forms.

So Luffy in an awakened state – changing his body like Katakuri to avoid blows without moving, could be something that we will see in the future. But also changing the environment to a loose sap like rubber, then hardening it and forming anything but let’s say for examples sake: rubber punches – much like Katakuri’s mochi-donuts – then from those spawn hardened mochi arms to attack his target.

This is how I think Luffy’s ability and fighting style will mirror Katakuri’s in the future. And it all began from fighting him in a mirror world 🙂

*Theory by eyepepper

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