Luffy’s Awakening – The Ability to stretch Time and Space


For Luffy’s Awakening I like the idea of him stretching, instead of his body, the space (and time?) around him.


So imagine he winds up a Gomu Gomu Pistol, but he also stretches the space between him and his opponent to be miles long so he’s just a speck in the distance, and also the space his arm occupies so that his fist is oceans away. And then all at once he collapses it all down, so crack and he’s back in your face and crack his fist is slamming into you.

So pretty much it would be a way for him to punch someone really, really hard.
Like imagine to finish off Kaido, Luffy stretches his fist all the way back to East Blue with this technique before launching him to the freaking moon to chill with Enel.


It could also get interesting if he stretches time similarly to get like a sonic boom effect on his punches. Might be hard to represent visually but I think it could be pretty cool. I personally don’t love the “everything is a bouncy house” concept of his awakening, although it does fit the goofy theme. What do you think?

*Theory by lets_be_nakama

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