Luffy’s Fights Duration


A few of Luffy’s final fights against the boss at each mini-arc (including flashbacks and overlapping events).

  • Luffy vs. Buggy (c15-c20) 6 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Kuro (c36-c40) 5 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Don Krieg (c53-c66) 14 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Arlong (c82-c93) 12 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Wapol (c141-c151) 11 chapters
  • Luffy vs Crocodile (c199 – c210) 12 chapters
  • Luffy vs. God Enel (c279 – c298) 20 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Foxy (c313-c317) 5 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Rob Lucci (c409 – c427) 19 chapters
  • Luffy vs Gecko Moria (c478-c482) 5 chapters
  • Luffy vs Hody Jones (c636 – c647) 11 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Ceasar Clown (c689-c692) 4 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Donquixote Doflamingo (c759-791) 33 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Charlotte Cracker (c837-843) 7 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Charlotte Katakuri (c878-896) 19 chapters
  • Luffy vs. Kaido and Big Mom (c1000- ???)

So the shortest fight lasted 4 chapters; the longest fight lasted 33 chapters.

Really looking forward to the Luffy vs. Kaido and Big Mom’s fight!!!

*by drakeXyz

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