Luffy’s Power and Influence after Wano


Let’s analyze Luffy’s impact on the world so far.


Luffy is indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Shichibukai system.

  1. He defeated 3 of them (Crocodile, Doflamingo and Moria)
  2. Hancock, Kuma, Jinbe, Mihawk and Law have always been unofficial/official allies of his.
  3. And Buggy, well…Buggy’s always been Buggy.

Luffy directly challenged the Word Government, forcing them to react.

  1. Declared war to save Robin.
  2. Punched a Celestial Dragon.
  3. Broke into Impel Down and escaped.
  4. Bummed rushed Marineford to save Ace.

Now Luffy is disrupting the Yonko system

  1. Formed alliances to defeat Kaido.
  2. Embarrassed Big Mom in front of the world.
  3. Forced two Yonkos into an alliance.
  4. Has Shanks on his side (maybe…I still think there’s a big twist coming up with Shanks)

How the World sees Luffy now

  1. A notorious pirate with a 1,500,000,000 Berries bounty with Yonko level clout.
  2. The leader of the Worst Generation.
  3. A thorn on the side of the World Government.

On a side note: This is what makes Luffy such a great protagonist. He is always active, changing people and the World around him.

Assuming both Kaido and Big Mom get defeated after Wano, which like the elimination of the Shichibukai system will drastically change the current world order, how will the world see Luffy?

After Wano he should be recognized not only as an Emperor, but as superior to most other Emperors. Not in individual strength, but in influence and immediate danger to the World Government.
He will have stopped a force that not even the Marine would have dared challenge.
He will likely have 3 Road Poneglyphs and be closest to both One Piece and unveiling the Void Century.
He has ties to the Revolutionaries, to multiple former Warlords, to Emperors and to strong independent forces like Rayleigh and Zunisha.
Almost every major event in the past years he was a major factor.

Can you guys predict Big News Morgan’s headline in the aftermath of Wano?

*Theory by Lelouche85

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