Luffy’s rise to Yonko parallels Blackbeard – What this means for Wano


As we already know, Luffy and Blackbeard are mirror images to each other. Both have extremely similar personalities,views on “what is a pirate”, and both have the will of “D”.


This was demonstrated when Blackbeard was first introduced just before the Skypiea arc. The only difference between Luffy and Blackbeard is, Luffy is “Good”, whilst Blackbeard is “Evil”.

Now how will this impact Wano arc?


Well first let’s look at how Blackbeard rose to Yonko status. We can extrapolate data for Luffy this way.

1- Plotted to kill Yonko Whitebeard long in advance.


2- Clashed with and hurt another Yonko on the sidelines(Shanks), which further built the hype of Blackbeard.

3- Defeated someone near and dear to Yonko Whitebeard (Ace) and handed over said individual to the Marines (which then lead to an irreversible chain reaction resulting in Marineford War)

4- The Previous Yonko who Blackbeard clashed with (Shanks), contacts Yonko Whitebeard regarding Blackbeard. This causes the World Government to panic and scramble to prevent them from meeting up.

5- Blackbeard makes numerous allies from captured prisoners at Impel Down. These people then serve in Blackbeard Pirates as the Ten Titanic Commanders.

6- Blackbeard actually fights Yonko Whitebeard at Marineford. And he loses, badly. Whitebeard just effortlessly beats the crap out of Blackbeard. That being said, Blackbeard impressed us by being able to tank that many Whitebeard’s attacks and still stand up.

7- Blackbeard finally kills Yonko Whitebeard when the rest of his allies arrive and launch a joint attack on the Yonko. At the same time the Yonko has been seperated from his pirate allies. Blackbeard kills Whitebeard as part of a team effort, not as solo.

Now how does this parallel Luffy’s journey to Yonko?

1- Luffy plotted to kill or defeat Yonko Kaido long in advance with Trafalgar D. Law after Punk Hazard.

2- Luffy clashed with another Yonko, Big Mom, on the sidelines before proceeding with his Kaido plan. Luffy humiliated Yonko Big Mom by trashing her palace/home and escaping. This feat further built up the hype of Luffy.

3- Luffy defeated someone very important to Kaido, Doflamingo, and handed said individual over to the Marines. This inevitably puts Luffy on a path to fight Yonko Kaido.

4- The previous Yonko Luffy clashed with, Big Mom, contacts Kaido about Luffy. This panics the World Government and they send Kizaru to prevent the two Yonko from meeting up.

5- Luffy made numerous allies from prisoners at Dressrosa. These allies would then go onto become part of the “Straw Hat Grand Fleet”, something that will be essential for a future Yonko.

6- Luffy actually fights with Kaido, and Luffy easily loses. Kaido effortlessly thrashes Luffy. That being said, Luffy impresses Kaido by continuing to “glare” at Kaido despite being unconscious,demonstrating Luffy’s immense fighting will.

7- Luffy eventually kills or defeats Yonko Kaido as part of a team effort with his allies, and not solo. Maybe with Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and the other Supernovas.

*Theory by Challenger108

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