Luffy’s SHOCKING New Bounty Revealed!


Chapter 903: The Fifth Emperor

Sanji got a raid suit from Niji, but he doesn’t want to use it. Chopper and Luffy are begging him not to throw it away since he might be able to fire laser beams, but he’s like “hell no, leave laser beams to Franky”.


Nami managed to bring Zeus along. Sanji and Zeus are arguing over who’s Nami’s slave, and Sanji says he was here first so he should be.

Sanji’s bounty went up to 330,000,000 Berries for his participation in the Big Mom assassination plot (and now it says Dead or Alive). He’s happy that he’s worth more than Zoro finally, but it pisses him off that they wrote his whole name on the bounty poster because he doesn’t want to be associated with his family.


Luffy sees his bounty went down to 150,000,000 Berries and cries.


Shirahoshi is going to the Reverie because she doesn’t want Luffy to call her weak anymore.

Luffy’s legend is spreading, they said his actions against Big Mom have inspired younger pirates. We see Crocodile reading the paper, Dalton, Vivi, Capone and Chiffon. So the people are gathering for the Reverie, but Queen Komane of the Rurushia Kingdom was kidnapped and when Akainu hears about it he’s pissed. Meanwhile Rebecca and the Dressrosa folk are reading about Luffy in the paper.

The pirates are aiming to kidnap Viola next, but Coby and Hemeppo put a stop to that and rescue the queen. Coby is happy to the point of tears that Luffy is still advancing in his dreams, and awaits the time they’ll meet again.
Coby and Hemeppo take over guarding the Dressrosa ship as Rebecca asks if Coby likes Luffy but he responds they’re enemies.

We transition over to Kaido who asks why the person who interrupted his deal is with that “old lady”. Similarly, we cut to Blackbeard says it’s too soon for Luffy to be an “Emperor”.

The papers are reporting that Luffy “beat” Big Mom and so they’re considering him like a Fifth Emperor. Big Mom is none too pleased with the fake news. She swears revenge against Morgans and Luffy.

Meanwhile we finally see Shanks who says that the time for them to meet again is coming soon…
Brook takes a look at the bounty poster once more:

“One Billion Five Hundred Million”

Cue shocked reactions. Chapter ends.