As you can see Luffy is already heavily damaged during the fight with Katakuri, also Luffy has 10 hours time to catch up to his Nakama at Cacao.
We know that Luffy fought 11 hours against Cracker so fighting for several hours against Katakuri might be possible.
Even if Luffy beats him earlier he will need to recover a crazy amount of time.
I think one of the main progressions Luffy has to do is to go into Gear 4 and hold it for as long as possible without recovering 10 minutes. This will allow Luffy to break his current limits of stamina.
It is most likely that Luffys damage after this fight will be one of the most heaviest we will see this far.

So it makes sense for me to speculate, that Choppers role will be to heal Luffy.
But the damage will most likely be so heavy that Luffy might be passed out until Wano and Chopper might take care of him the whole way from WCI to Wano Kuni.
Luffy might get further treatment by Law in Wano to fully recover.
The conclusion we would get from this is that it might take 2 good doctors to heal someone from a fight in a Yonko territory.
I want to discuss this in another theory, especially about Chopper and Law, but now let’s talk about the Vivre Card.


As we know every major person from the Grand Fleet got a Vivre Card.
Let’s say that Luffy might get a life struggling fight with Katakuri, then his Vivre Card might most likely trigger right?
A lot of people expect the Grand Fleet to appear and help in a Yonko fight.
But there is something special Oda showcased us!
The Grand Fleet cover story arc!


As we know the Grand Fleet currently is busy with their own problems. One example is the marriage of Sai or the stuff that might happen between Bartolomeo and Shanks!
And while Luffy might travel to Wano, we could still get cover storys of the other Grand Fleet members.
So with this I say that the Grand Fleet currently won’t be able to help Luffy. They might not see that Luffy is in need of help because they are to busy with their own life right now.
Until the Grand Fleet gets its use, Luffy will have to cause more ruckus in the world so they actually realize in what a position they are.
With this you might question who will come to Luffys aid?

He is the only person who received Luffys Vivre Card and who is not a member of the Grand Fleet, so most likely he won’t get a cover story within this cover story arc.
I think Bellamy inspired Luffy in the fight vs Doflamingo and he will inspire Luffy in the fight against Katakuri!
Why do I believe this?
It is because Bellamy is an absolute weakling and he was standing up against Luffy and against Doflamingo, and Bellamy is still alive.
I always tried to figure out the true meaning behind Luffys and Bellamys fight, and well here it is.
If you followed my theory about Luffys new technique then you might get a better picture now of where I am standing.

I predict Bellamy will make his move and arrive on Wano to aid the Luffy vs Kaido.
Luffy will thank Bellamy for inspiring him and they will have a nice talk.
Bellamys plot is closed and he might become a sacrifice against Kaido.

Bellamys role in the series for sure is to show us how far Luffy will be able to redeem an enemy, in the end Luffy was rewarded with the Gear 4 and the further techniques.

*Theory by Rej Discussions

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