Many will wonder, what to I intend by “seven deadly sins”, well, according to the bible, there are seven deadly sins known to be redundant in the human nature: Wrath, Pride, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Glutonny.
They were used as an inspiration for the main villains in the manga Full Metal Alchemist.
They are also used in the manga Nanatsu no Taizai, literally meaning “seven deadly sins”.

Now, what does it have to do with.. The Admirals of One Piece?


The Admirals are known to have a color linked to them. According to the color spectrum, there are seven original colors that have some nuances and contrasts, but the original ones are known as Red, Blue and Yellow as the primaries, Orange, Green and Purple as the secondaries, Brown being the terciary.

Seven original colors as well as seven deadly sins

Here are some evidences of my speculation:

“Akainu” Sakazuki’s anger is totally unreasonable. At a point where you wonder.. Is he even calm sometimes? Or is he just the human incarnation of Wrath itself?
He seems to be always on the verge of losing control of himself, his motivation to lead the navy is literally the extreme hate he has towards pirates. I would even suggest that his whole career was drove by this hate, hate being linked to the color red.
Wrath in Full Metal being the Fuhrer and ruler of the military, Sakazuki would fit this standard quite well.

“Kizaru” Borsalino is a very prideful man. He doesn’t care about anything, he goes toward Whitebeard like yonko means nothing to him. He is careless, reckless and full of himself to the point where he destroys a whole village in sabaody by hitting a mangrove with his laser beam, without even being a bit concerned about it. The only thing he said was “seems like I overdid it”.. He probably killed many innocents and didn’t even notice.
In the Z movie, Zephyr told him that he became very full of himself when he became an Admiral.


“Aokiji” Kuzan’s lazyness is irrational.. Sloth being the sin he would represent, he fits it quite well. Blue being linked to calm and serenity, Kuzan is way more than that. He sleeps instead of working (like we saw before the arc of Marineford), he is very intelligent and has a lot of potential but he prefers laying in a futon more than doing his duties. His motto “Lazy justice” literally question his goals in the navy.


“Fujitora” Issho has been shown eating many times. Who doesn’t eat you’ll ask me. Well, everyone eats, but not during serious fights when the country is about to be destroyed (like in Dressrosa) and most certainly, not eating at the reverie when your superior told you to not come anywhere near the navy before having Law’s and Luffy’s head, and you’re on the constant anxiety of him finding you and beating your butt up.. He is even eating an apple on the cover of his song “Nebuta no Tora” that you can find on youtube. His waist also seems to be a bit bigger than the other Admirals. So you guessed it, eating in innapropriate moments and places, being the only admiral shown eating, and more than one time, links him to gluttony.

For Ryokugyu, well, green could be linked as Envy. Lust and Greed are still to be taken, and considering that Oda is a man of surprise, I won’t say I don’t hesitate a lot about Ryokugyu.

Now that’s a nice thought, but what would it bring to the manga?

I think they are linked to the Seven Deadly Sins to accentuate their “villain” traits. Who thinks humanity will be safe in the hand of the anger itself? Or any of them. The deadly sins added to them will add a more powerful image of the evilness they are supposed to represent to the protagonists, it would add a more inhumane and villain dimension to them all.

Why did they “inherit” the sins?

In my opinion, it’s all the result of their power, their social position and their past.

Damaged young Sakazuki became more and more wrathful, especially when he got the power to defeat his ennemies : the magma fruit.

Young Borsalino seemed to be quite smart, maybe his intelligence drove him to the position of Admiral and now, he is just so full of himself because he is SO smart and powerful he became very prideful.

Small Kuzan seemed to be bored. Drinking at a very early age, eating, the ice fruit, ice being the only power of the admirals that does not involve movement. He just worked to be tranquil, and as an admiral he was like “now I’m an admiral, I have a high position, I can finally rest” as if he wasn’t sleeping under his desk as a soldier already.

Oda didn’t drew young Fujitora yet, so I don’t have much things to support my theory about him being glutonny then the many panels we saw him eating.

*Theory by Kuroshika

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