Marine’s Power-Up is Inevitable


The New World is showing it Strength. And Marines are about to show that they have LEVELED UP.


In the 1st Half of GrandLine (Paradise) every pirate knew to avoid powerful Marines. Most wouldn’t even pick a fight with a Vice Admiral let alone a Marine Admiral. However, It was made clear from the Beginning, that the New World is ruled by not the Marines but the Four Emperors of the Sea.

Most New World Pirates are on the same level as Vice Admirals. Some are on the Level of Admirals.


So far the Marines have managed to keep the balance between them and the Pirates.

Marines vs Whitebeard made it clear, whose the bigger threat. Marines won the battle but just barely. And now with the Shichibukai system being abolished and The Pirate Ninja Mink Samurai Alliance about to fight a Yonko. The balance is going to be disturbed and the Marines will have to start asserting themselves as the Alpha (for lack of a better word)

The Marines can’t sit back anymore. Whitebeard was Step 1, Shichibukai Step 2, & Step 3 will be other Yonko. And in order to deal with all of this the Marines are now going to need to Level up HARD. If the Marines intend to keep the pirates in check, they need to get stronger officers and more Admirals.
Punk Hazard looks like it was a result of 2 Awakened Devil Fruit Users fighting. So the Marines need to get more Admirals with Awakened Devil Fruits.

*Theory by HikenNoAsxce

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