Mihawk Having His Own Crew


Okay so we’ve all knew and loved Mihawk since the East Blue days all the way back in chapter 50. Everytime we see Mihawk he’s been alone except when he didn’t have a choice (*cough*Perona*cough*).


The man doesn’t seem to like company he enjoyed his alone time. Until right before the time-skip however this has seemed to change. It started with him taking our beloved Roronoa Zoro as his student.

Mihawk taking Zoro as a student seems like a major turning point for Mihawk. It was not only a major development for Zoro but for Mihawk as well. In that brief moment Mihawk went from Lone Wolf to Teacher. His entire lifestyle was changed by Zoro I believe this also has led to a big personality change. No more lone wolf mentality well still a little bit of that lone wolf badassery but it’s changed.


There was one other uninvited guest at Mihawk’s castle the pink haired beauty Perona. She is actually one of the catalyst for this theory. Perona is by far one of the most annoying characters in One Piece. Yet as annoying as she is Mihawk has formed a bond with her. Even after Zoro has left Perona still lives with Mihawk.


I mentioned earlier that Mihawk had a personality change. There is proof of this in the above picture with Mihawk Perona & the humandrills. Notice the humandrills looking so happy in the background as well as helping till the land? Mihawk lived in the castle for years and never did anything with the land and the humandrills feared him. Now they’re friendly and Mihawk is farming the land that is clearly a major change in character and personality. But where does this fit into Mihawk having a crew now? Let’s discuss!

Now Perona was broken up about the news paper saying Moria died at Marineford. Mihawk was there and told her the news wasn’t trustworthy giving her hope that Moria is alive. Perona is annoying and persistent so I can totally see her begging Mihawk until he helps to find Moria. We all know he didn’t die at Marineford and Doflamingo didn’t succeed in killing him after.

Oda actually mentioned Absalom in a SBS when talking about Moria’s encounter with Doflamingo. So we can safely assume Moria disappeared thanks to Absalom’s power.

So my theory is that Perona will beg Mihawk into helping her find Moria. Moria is already with the rest of his crew but Perona being a big baby she will beg Mihawk to stay and tag along. A lot of people believe Mihawk is the strongest Shichibukai and could have reached Yonko level if he only had a crew. I believe Moria’s crew will be his new underlings.

When we think about Oda and the crews he’s made over the years we all notice Oda LOVES THEMES. Moria and his crew have an undead theme as we all know. Mihawk is named and modeled after the King of the undead himself the Vampire Dracula. He travels with a coffin lives in a dark evil looking mansion and his land is covered in death. Moria and Dracule have literally the same exact aesthetic and style. Moria himself looks like an actual vampire if anyone was to be under Mihawk no ones more fitting than Moria and company.

I know that Moria is hot headed and probably wouldn’t want to be under anyone. But Mihawk is different he’s a man that demands respect from all who meet him. Moria is still probably in danger from the Government and his best bet would be to join Mihawk for his own goals and safety.

So in summary I believe Mihawk’s time with Zoro and Perona changed him. I think he is someone who’s more likely to be into the idea of having a crew now. Perona’ scare for Moria will lead her and Mihawk to finding and joining him. Mihawk does not take orders though he gives them so they will become his subordinates. This would be a great way to get Mihawk into the New World and back into the story. They all fit together so well stylistically as a crew already.

*Theory by RomanceDawn

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