Mihawk taught Zoro how to create and use Illusions


We’ve been through Fishman Island, Punk Hazard, Dressrosa, Zou and Whole Cake Island… and we have never seen Zoro taken to the limit like Luffy has with Doflamingo, Cracker and Katakuri.


This means that we don’t know how strong he actually is so..
Is Zoro at King the Wildfire and Wano Shogun’s level?

Let’s look at it like this: for 2 years Zoro was trained by “The World’s Strongest Swordsman” Dracule Mihawk. Zoro not only learned but mastered how to use Armament Haki but that would not be the only thing he learned.


During the Marineford War Arc when Mihawk wanted to join the fight Boa Hancock stated: “They say the most skilled fighters are struck by fear and are left unable to move when they see those eyes.”
Demons and Spirits play a huge roles when it comes to Top Tier Swordsmen like Zoro’s ability to summon Asura.


Note: Zoro’s eyes glow red when doing illusions

Like I said before the opponents are struck by fear and are left unable to move. This is not Conqueror’s Haki, it’s a Demon based ability which allows the user to create illusions.

Zoro’s Asura being an illusion means that he doesn’t actually have 6 arms and 3 heads, it’s just an illusion which enhances:
Note: this was pre-timeskip.
Other time was the one Hancock was talking about Paralisis Inducement Zoro demonstrated this in his fight with Monet.

Monet a logia user was split unable to reform and you can also see Zoro’s right eye was red.
Let me explain this

“What’s this?! My body won’t move”
Monet was paralyzed after looking into Zoro’s eyes..due to fear = Fear inducement.
She was cut in half, Zoro did not use Haki. This is where the Art of Illusion kicks in death by illusion.

It’s like this literally convince the brain to copy anything that happens to the victim within the illusion making it possible to kill the target with illusions.
Monet went crazy thinking she was cut in half.
Even when she knew that Zoro didn’t use Haki but she was cut meaning her brain believed that she was cut.

Had Tashigi not interfered by knocking her unconscious it could have killed Monet because there was no way Monet was going to reform if she was concious.
Also why Zoro didn’t finish her off?
I believe that this was what Hancock was talking about.
Mihawk being able to just make people believe that they’re being stabbed by him which drives them insane or eventually kills them even though he’s standing still.
This is most likely the only thing that is on par with Conqueror’s Haki but more rare because it’s a Demon based ability through cursed swords and Zoro and Mihawk are the only known people who are confirmed to use this.

Still question is will this be enough to beat King the Wildfire and Wano Shogun?
Zoro has effortlessly taken out most of the swordsmen after the timeskip but the people that he has to face now includes King the Wildfire, Orochi, Shiryu and Mihawk.

Roronoa Zoro Vs Kurozumi Orochi

In Movie Z, in order to defeat Ain, Zoro used a move called “3 Sword Style: Blue Dragon Seal”
After the attack Zoro surrounded himself with a Blue Aura, he also mentioned before the attack: “I’m gonna put some spirit into it this time” and the aura was similar to Ryuma “The King”

Zoro now owns Shusui which means “Clear Autumn Water” and during the timeskip learned how to harness the power of Shusui.
It’s also possible that the Blue Dragon Seal originated from Shusui which was used to slay a Dragon by Ryuma.

Is Zoro VS Orochi the modern day version of Ryuma Vs The Dragon??

Ok here’s why I believe that Orochi Vs Zoro is going to be like Ryuma Vs the Dragon.

• Dragon terrorised the village = Orochi terrorised Wano as the Shogun

• Orochi appears as a 8 headed Dragon and will be slayed by Zoro in order to save Wano = Ryuma slayed the dragon in order to save the village.

Zoro already shown that he can behead a Dragon in Punk Hazard. He would most likely find a way to behead all 8 heads inorder to kill the Shogun.

Roronoa Zoro Vs King “The Wild Fire”
Return of ASURA

King the Wildfire is clearly Hell themed and looks like a Devil with wings and fire on his back.
He also has a big sword most likely a cursed sword (possibly Shodai Kitetsu or 1 of 12 supreme grade swords).
But King is not the only one with devil like aspect.
Zoro has “Demon Aura: 9 Swords Style”

We come back to illusions.
Zoro creates an illusion ASURA. We have not seen this after the timeskip, he could also have learned how to master 9 Swords Style.
How did he do it? Left eye?

Zoro can already create illusions with his right eye shown during the fight against Monet and it takes a lot of energy after using Asura pre-timeskip but it could be possible that in order to be able to use Asura for longer periods he found a way to only activate it with his left eye, this makes it easier because he won’t take much energy and Zoro will be able to fight without getting exhausted especially when it comes to fighting Yonko commanders like King, Shiryu, Smoothie and also against top tier swordsmen like Mihawk, Orochi and Shanks.

I think that Zoro does have the strengths to go head to head with both Shogun and King. Defeating them both, Zoro could also be the 2nd Straw Hat to surpass the 1,000,000,000 Berries Bounty.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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