Mind Blowing Connection between Black Maria and Emporio Ivankov!


Black Maria notably has horns and she uses swords to tie up her hair.


Looks kind of like this right?

And have a guess where else you see this Jolly Roger?


We might just see some connection between these two.

We know that the Tobiroppo were all captains of their own crews as well, so could Ivankov have been a part of Black Maria’s crew before joining the Revolutionary Army?


Since we know that the Revolutionary Army has been founded in between 19 and 24 years ago from the current storyline, we don’t know what Ivankov did up to his early 30s and to me it seems pretty sensible to assume he was a pirate beforehand.

Could it be possible for a Kamabakka Pirates crew to exist in One Piece world (akin to the Kuja Pirates) and that Black Maria inherited it as the daughter/son of the founder of the crew and Ivankov’s former captain?

*Theory by kickbackthisthat

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