Mindblowing connection between Sanji and King, descendant of the Lunarians!


What If Judge in reality is a “Lunarian“? What If the Vinsmokes are “Lunarians” as a matter of fact?


Judge the “Garuda”, that’s his epithet. The “Garuda” is a Buddhist and Hindu demigod with a form of an anthropomorphic eagle with huge wings able to even cover the sun, king of the bird race; It’s known to have fire related powers, people even considered it the god of the fire and the sun. If you pay attention on Chapter 839, when all the Vinsomes are having dinner in the big hall you can see on the back wall behind Judge’s throne a huge symbol of a phoenix representing this same demigod “The Garuda”. Just with this I can see in some ways an allegory to King’s race.

Vinsmoke” is just a last name, but not the race. Yeah, you could say that they’re probably human cause’ as far as we’ve seen Judge has never showcased any natural fire ability while fighting, he does not have any wings to complement that assumption, but to be fair we don’t know enough about what being a “Lunarian” really means. Maybe only some of said race are able to awaken their dormant fire power while the others can’t, even If they get to train their whole lifes.


Judge could have been a “Failure” in that regard from the “Lunarians‘ point of view. That would explain even further the mistreatment that he gave to Sanji beacause It reminded him of his younger-self.


Now think about Germa‘s history, the bits and pieces that we’ve got to learn in “Whole Cake Island”: Germa was once a kingdom that ruled over the whole “North Blue”, but this Sea was not rightfully theirs so to speak, but in actuality they took it by force, every king residing in the “North blue” submitted to the “Vinsmokes” out of pure fear. Now in the present we know that Germa lost that power some time ago and since then they don’t have a homeland where to set foot on. The fact that they did not have a land to rule over to begin with is interesting to me.

The Lunarians where almost eradicated from the world probably by the “World Government”, and the few ones that survived got scattered through out the world, besides King, the “Vinsmoke” family could have also been another survivor. “Germa” the kingdom with no land to rule, the “Vinsmokes” were kicked out or ran out of their homeland on top of the “Red Line“, so then they decided to take revenge on the World Government by conquering a huge part of the territory under said organization which is the “North Blue”, and from that point forward both became like sworn enemies for centuries just like how the stories tell. At some point the World Government chose to make a treaty with Germa, where both could benefit from each other, by affiliaiting the kingdom with them.

Both King and Judge have a similarity that caught my eye, they both cover their faces on some way or another, as matter of fact Oda put an absurd amount of effort on not showing Judge’s forhead and eyebrows for some reason, even when his helmet got broken by Big Mom during their scrabble Oda decided on shading his upper face, perhaps is something that would reveal his true identity? The same could be said about his non-existent wings? Maybe he amputated them? During the wedding just when he was about to confront Big Mom, after betraying him he says to her: “In the wake of a dream of just 66 days our ancestors were left as wandering ghosts unable to set foot on their homeland!!! And now I have disgraced their memory!!! To think that I entrusted you with the soul of three centuries of longing… I despise myself!!!

This tells us that Judge doesn’t see himself as worthy of his position and name, so maybe he doesn’t want to see himself as a “Lunarian”.

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