Monkey D. Family are Royals from the Ancient Kingdom


I believe that the Monkey D. Family (and possibly Gol D. Family) are actually Royals from the Ancient Kingdom. Where as everyone else with the “D” are simply regular bloodline.


Oda loves foreshadowing things which is primarily what this is all based off.

1. Enel’s God complex

Enel thought he was a god and when he went into his lightning form he stood exactly and even had the ribbon of lightning around his back which at the time was fitting of a “God” which is just like Luffy’s gear four.


2. Ace’s birth


The story of Ace’s birth is awfully reminiscent of the story of Mary Magdalene and the birth of Jesus’ son (if you believe in that). Mary had to escape from those in power, in this case it was the World Government and secretly give birth to Ace. We know that Oda loves to take story’s and myths and turn them upside down in a creative way.
Roger was quite close with Garp and he was certain that Garp would take care of Ace which Luffy then became brothers with. I suspect that they were actually truly related some how. Sabo joined not long after who was actually a Royal. What’s the old saying “Everything happens in threes?”
Luffy has always been told he is a complete copy of Roger by a few people. Like Roger did, he is striving to become the “King” of the pirates.

3. Whitebeards speech at Marineford

Whitebeard said Roger isn’t waiting for him. I think this is because Blackbeard is not a royal or actually from the family who apposed the royals. My guess is Ace’s bloodline was a royal bloodline and that specific bloodline was extinguished however, the royals are yet to be wiped out.

4. Fishman Royals

All the royals of the Fishman Island all have that same design of the flowing ribbon. Just like Eneru and Luffy when in Gear 4. I find it odd that the pattern of royals all have certain aspects that are the same and Luffy is also in this category who is also a perfect candidate to be “King”.

4. Monkey D. Dragon

Dragon is the most wanted man in the world. Why?
There could be several reasons but I think it simply has something to do with what the World Government fears the most and that’s the Void Century.
We know there is a connection between the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom and Dragon is the most wanted man in the world and wants to learn all about it. Why not just tie them together? Wanting to overthrow the Government is most likely part of the reason but I really think that’s just too simple.

Dragon’s markings on his face are awfully reminiscent of the Native American’s tribal markings which we all knew, however I think it is also hinting at Dragon’s devil fruit: the Mythical Zoan type Thunderbird which is said to be able to control the weather and create lighting and immense storms.

They are often told and depicted that they create lightning that is Blue. As they are approaching they darken the skies terrifying locals which is exactly what happened in Loguetown. The native Americans worshipped the Thunderbird like a god. A possible hint that perhaps again, the Monkey D. Family is possibly a royal bloodline.

Not to mention Dragon’s name is in Celestial Dragon and they are Royals. I should point out that I’m not saying that Dragon is a Celestial Dragon but Dragon refers to someone in power. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. I definitely feel I am missing a few things however this all just came off the top of my head.

*Theory by Syskill

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