Nami, Usopp and Franky will lose to Tobiroppo and will be saved by Red Scabbards


In Chapter 990, Sasaki states he wants to get Denjiro back for betraying him.


We then find out the Scabbards are being healed at the end of Chapter 1004.

And then there’s chapter 1005 where Jack states the Tobiroppo can’t handle the weakened Scabbards. Black Maria takes this as an insult (There’s a possibility Jack gets stopped by Sanji or potentially Yamato before he can reach the Scabbards).


Now in this recent chapter we see Kinemon say “There is still life left in the Scabbards to fight”


Out of all the Strawhats fighting Tobiroppo, Nami, Usopp and Franky are SEVERELY outmatched when you factor in a couple things: Hybrid Forms/Weapons/HAKI…..

Ulti in her hybrid form almost defeated Nami and Usopp by herself, Page One has not used his Hybrid form once in this fight, Ulti also knows how to wield a spiked club of some sort, which hasn’t been used in the fight. Ulti is also competent with Haki to the point where she knew not to underestimate Luffy, Page One sensed it too.

General Franky is the strongest form of Franky, and Sasaki is still holding his own in Full Zoan Form……… This on top of the fact that Sasaki has not used his Sword. In total Sasaki has a Hybrid form, Swordmanship and Haki, that have not been used yet. And again he’s still managing to hold his own against General Franky.

Now the intervention of the Scabbards seems essential to save the them.

*by pg13

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